War Room: Steve Bannon Gab CEO Andrew Torba Discuss Building a Christian-Centric Economy and Silicon Valley’s ‘Transhumanism Agenda’


Stephen K. Bannon talks to Gab CEO Andrew Torba on War Room: Pandemic radio show about the enslavement agenda of Silicon Valley, transhumanism, and de-coupling with companies that don’t share Judeo Christian values.

Bannon: I want to start with an extraordinary young man that’s actually very action-oriented. That would be Andrew Torba of Gab. And Andrew is not just the executive of a cutting-edge social media company that is essentially with Parler. It’s one of its competitors. Is taking on Twitter and taking on social media. And he worked out at the belly of the beast out in Silicon Valley.

Now back in Scranton, Pennsylvania with I think the hottest company in social media, Gab. But also not just a devout Christian but actually has a coherent world view of Christianity in the world. Remember when you’d go to Vietnam they used to always say how was it out in the world? Where were you from in the world? Where did you go to school in the world? It’s a little bit like that with Christianity. Christianity today, where is its place in the world since we have been becoming more and more of a secular nation?

We were very honored yesterday to have our Friday prayer. We’ve been doing it here a couple of weeks by Rabbi Sparrow who talks about the Judeo Christain. The American ethos. American Christian ethos that undergirds so much of what makes this an exceptional nation. Andrew, I want to start off. You’ve put out and you promulgated a fairly radical plan about hey, you’ve seen this assault coming.

And you’ve seen it because you worked in the heart of the radical secular left which is the oligarch central of silicon valley. But you’ve come up with a plan that’s pretty breathtaking in its audacity. About how Christians can bond together to fight this. Walk us through your economic plan.

Torba: Things need to exist in the existing system completely and we need to build our own Christian-centric economy. What do I mean by that? That means cutting the cable cord and consuming Christian content and supporting Christian content creators or Christian news outlets. That means leaving your big corporate bank and going to a local Christian break or a Christian credit union. By the way, these exist. Supporting local Christian shops.

Basically building our own economy because the economy that we see right now with this cancel culture, this rise of critical theory, and rise of state worship over God worship is doomed to failure. So we need to start building in preparation and take action with Christian innovation which has been seen all throughout history. Now is the time to innovate. Now is the time to build our own economy where we support one another. And we are resistant to this cancel culture rise up in this society and a normal economy.

Bannon: You worked out in silicon valley where you really got the inspiration to start Gab.

Torba: Right.

Bannon: Am I overstating it when I say that the secular left’s real target is Christianity?

Torba: No, you are absolutely correct. As a Christian living and working in Silicon Valley and as you said in the belly of the beast I was the minority there. I was the one who had to hide my faith really out of fear. Fear of being treated differently. Fear of being looked at the wrong way. All thee things Christians face in the world. You know Christians are the most prosecuted people in the world. But I think if we unite and collectively rise up to this occasion and ascend we can collectively take down the whole system without being violent or raising a hand.

The amount of purchasing power and the amount of power in the economy that Christians have is tremendous. So my question to Christians is, why are you giving your money, your time, and your data to these people who hate you and who want to enslave you? These people in Silicon Valley and when you take about this transhumanism this mindset that they have, they truly believe that they are God.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that he is superior to the rest of us and that he has the ability to say what we can talk about. Who has a voice on the internet. What links we can share. I don’t think anyone person should have that power. Our rights come from God. And especially not Mark Zuckerberg and any of these oligarchs in Silicon Valley are going to dictate what rights I have as a human being.

Bannon: Talk about this briefly. What do you mean by transhumanism? is getting nomenclature so people can’t understand. When you say transhumanism and Silicon Valley and the oligarchs’ visa vie the Christian faith, what do you mean by that?

Torba: So they are talking about ascending the human race biologically. They are talking about chips in your brain or altering your DNA. All sorts of things that apply technology to human biology and try to take to in their minds the next level. Essentially making them gods and having all the rest of us under their control. It’s fundamentally destroying our humanity by appending technology to our bodies. And they believe to our souls.

They want to live forever. They want to be gods. Which of course God is not going to take likely too and God will pass judgment on. It’s inevitable that that’s going to happen. We need to as Christians recognize that this is going on. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not some sci-fi movie. This is their focus. This is the future these guys are focused on bringing into power is consolidating their power.

Consolidating all the wealth to them. Consolidating all the data to them. And the control on the rest of us of who can bank?  Gab is a perfect example of what is going to happen to churches, Christian organizations, and anybody that doesn’t buy into this woke state religion. This woke marxism. Whatever you want to call it. You will be banned from your bank. You will be banned from the internet. So what you need to do is start building on alternative platforms like Gab.

Open up another bank account with a local bank or a Christian credit union. They do exist. You need to find them and more need to be built immediately. So we need to work together right now and support one another and build this alternative economy that is free from the grasp of these tyrants in Silicon Valley and these tyrants in D.C. and the oligarchs in general.

Bannon: I just want to make sure we understand You are saying that in the lived experience in this audience you are going to see transhumanism. These experiments are going on today. The convergence of artificial intelligence, advanced chip design, robotics, and biotechnology. We know the Chinese are doing it.

Torba: Yes.

Bannon: You are saying this is one of their objectives. To go beyond homo sapien.

Torba: Correct

Bannon: To basically leave the tenant of the Judeo Christian west in back of you and go forward into something that is post homo sapien.

Torba: Posthuman. Posthuman Steve. Posthuman and they make themselves Gods with this technology. And they enslave the rest of us with it. So they have enslaved currently. They have us enslaved with these devices. Where we are putting our phone. Where we are putting our data. Where we are trusting our private communications. We don’t know it but we are enslaved digitally. Whether it is the TV or the phone the oligarchs have us mind slaved right now. But where they want to take it next is they want to enslave our biology.

They want to enslave our bodies by implanting chips or altering our DNA. Whatever it is they have to do to control us and make us complacent by also using that same technology to lift them up as Gods and make them live forever and control the rest of us as digital serfs essentially. That’s what is happening right now. And people need to be aware of it.

Bannon: Andrew we have about a minute and a half. Walk us through it. The decoupling. Every person listening to this should begin to de-couple from this economy.

Torba: You need to exit the system. You need to analyze your life and say what brands am I supporting? Where am I shopping? Where am I doing business with a bank? What are their values? Do they share my values? Is there another bank that I can switch to that shares my values? Is there another social network that shares my values? Is there another media company that shares my values?

Deeply analyze the companies, the businesses, and the services that you are supporting and exit their system. If we collectively as Christians exit this system and start building our own right now the whole system will collapse on itself. Their wicked system will collapse to ash. We won’t need to raise a finger. We won’t need to get violent. We just have to realize the power that we have with the purchasing power and where we are spending our time.

Bannon: Andrew, how do people get to Gab? How do they find you? How do people get on Gab?

Torba: Go to Gab.com. We are banned from the app stores but they can’t ban us from the internet although they have tried. And you can find me there at @A on Gab.

Bannon: Andrew Torba, thank you very much. Amazing. Amazing concept. We are going to push more of this so people get access to this information in the coming days and weeks ahead. Thank you for joining us on War Room Pandemic, our special.

Torba: Anytime Steve.

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