The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis: Kari Lake on ‘Soul of the Nation’ Speech,” Grassroots Politicians’ ‘Existential Threat’ to Dems’ Agenda

Live from Arizona Friday morning (Sept. 2) on The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis – broadcast in Tucson weekday mornings on KNST AM 790  – host Lewis welcomed GOP nominee for governor of Arizona Kari Lake to the show to share her reaction to Joe Biden’s “soul of the nation” prime-time speech.

Lewis: Happy Friday! Joe Biden hates you. That’s pretty much all you need to know. But we did know that. But there’s more to it. Democrats have literally nothing to run on, so … they want you to get excited to vote against Trump. Not for them, against MAGA. Crazy.

Let’s jump right to Kari Lake, who is the front runner to be the next governor here in Arizona. Republican nominee, President Trump-supported. Kari, good morning. What was your reaction?

I saw your press conference, but what was your reaction when you’re sitting there watching Joe Biden – and you’re a TV person, you see this, like, crazy, dark, blood-red background, Marines back there. Dude looks like a freaking dictator. I don’t want to answer it for you, but what was your reaction to that?

Lake: It’s interesting you mentioned the Marines. I actually felt sorry for our servicemembers who had to stand there in that most despicable address to the nation I’ve ever seen a president deliver. I mean, it was shocking. It was as if he was declaring war on half of the people in this country.

Rather than trying to bring people together at a time in our history when we certainly are divided, he chose to do just the opposite and try to further drive a wedge between people who love this country.

MAGA supporters are some of the most loyal Americans I’ve ever come across, some of the greatest people I’ve ever met since I’ve been in politics. And they’re hard-working Arizonans who voted for President Trump.

Not everybody voted for Biden. We still have a lot of questions about that, as a matter of fact. But he chose to drive a wedge in between Americans. I thought it was a despicable act, and really solely for the office of the presidency.

Lewis: What does it say to you, though, that – I didn’t watch it live last night, I had something to do. But then I see a tweet from this Matt Veiser, this Washington Post White House reporter, where he says, all three networks chose to not run Joe Biden’s speech.

They ran Young Sheldon, Press Your Luck, and Law and Order. What does that say to you about what Americans really think about Joe Biden and the Democratic Party?

Lake: It’s interesting. I mean, you could either say that they’re running cover for him because they knew it was going to be a debacle, and they’ve been doing all of the work for the Democrats, the mainstream media has, for a long time. They’ve been carrying their water.

Or that he’s so insignificant to everyone and they knew it was going to be deadly that nobody would want to watch it as far as ratings go. And so they chose to go with something that might get them a rating point or two.

Lewis: It’s crazy to me. I mean, this was billed as this big thing and, yeah, I guess they could run cover.  I didn’t think of that angle. Damn it. Now you’re throwing me off.

Lake: (Chuckles) I think actually it was ratings. I think they realize that despite the fact that they say, that they tried to tell us that Joe Biden got 81 million votes, there’s not much interest in the guy. (Laughs)

Lewis: No.

Lake: Whenever there was a Trump press conference, whenever they carried anything that was Trump, the ratings were through the roof. People wanted to see what he had to say. And here you have this bumbling, fumbling, mumbling, feeble guy standing there, actually trying to pick a fight with more than half of the country. It just defies logic. It shows us that the federal government really doesn’t care about us at all. At all.

Lewis: They don’t. The guy literally threatened, as he called it, right-wingers with guns. If you’re mad at the government, you can’t win this. We have F-15 jets. Again, I’m not being hyperbolic here.

I believe he actually threatened people like you and me, and our families, as they call them “right-wingers with guns.” He threatened to shoot us with F-15 jets. And the media is like, what? It’s Joe Biden.

Lake: Oh, really, truly. If Trump would have done something like that, the media would have been covering it for months. They would have had a special commission investigating. They would have done full Sunday write-ups in their main papers.

But what I think is really going on, Garret, is that Biden knows that not only does he not have the support, obviously, of the American people, his poll numbers are going down. They’re just sinking faster than a rock in water.

And he’s seeing that a new class of people, citizens, are stepping forward and running for office, as our Founding Fathers envisioned. And he realizes that when real citizens step up and run for office, they’re winning.

And so this political elite that has been in office for decades, like Nancy Pelosi for 40 years, Joe Biden for 50 or whatever. Didn’t he say he’s been in office for 100 years?

Lewis: Ugh, yes.

Lake: They realized we citizen politicians are a threat to their very existence as politicians. We’re an existential threat to their agenda, which has not been an agenda for We the People.

Lewis: Yes. Everything he said yesterday to me, I’ll get your take on this. I look at this and I’m like, all right, if Democrats actually had a platform to run on, to where they could say, vote for us because we did A, B, and C to help you.

He didn’t even talk about that inflation spending bill that he just did that really was a giant Green New Deal bill, because it’s not resonating with people, or people just don’t like it.

The only thing that they believe that they can actually motivate Democrats [with] to get to the poll is their hatred for Donald Trump and the people he supports, and people that believe to make America great again. Not just MAGA, but make America great again. That’s what I take from this.

Lake: Yes. He has a heart, if he has a heart, that’s filled with disdain for us, the people. And I think that Katie Hobbs, my opponent, not only does she share his belief in his policies, but I think she also has a disdain for us. Remember, it was a couple of years ago that she called Republican voters neo-Nazis.

Lewis: Yes.

Lake: It’s the name-calling they do. And painted us as racists, when she actually has been twice convicted of actually being a racist, and a sexist, and we’re paying for that.

I like to tell people, every time you go over a pothole in the state of Arizona, think of Katie Hobbs, because that pothole, maybe it’s gone unfilled because we’re so busy paying off nearly $3 million in a settlement because she doesn’t like people of color. And when she hired people, she didn’t pay people of color to say that she paid white people.

And now she wants to run from that. It’s the same kind of stuff. She wants to call us names, we patriotic Americans. She calls us racist. She calls us neo-Nazis. But turns out the Democrats in power are the ones acting that way.

Listen to the interview:

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Photo “Kari Lake and Garret Lewis” by Garret Lewis.


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