Biden Signs Executive Order to Increase Welfare Dependency for Illegal Aliens

by Eric Lendrum


Joe Biden signed an executive order on Tuesday that aims to increase illegal aliens’ dependency on welfare programs funded by taxpayer dollars, according to Breitbart.

The order revokes a Trump Administration policy that would ultimately put financial responsibility for such welfare benefits directly on the illegals themselves, or otherwise on the family member or business sponsor seeking green cards for any incoming illegals who had previously used a welfare system. Biden’s revoking of that order ultimately puts the cost for such use of the welfare system back on American citizens who fund such programs with their tax dollars.

Biden’s order also demands that the federal government “review all agency actions related to implementation” of the Trump-era “Public Charge” rule, which decreased an illegals’ chances of securing a green card if they had previously used American welfare systems. Biden’s order said that the federal review aims to “reduce fear and confusion among impacted communities.”

This order comes even despite overwhelming popular support for President Trump’s immigration policies over Biden’s. At least 56 percent of Americans support President Trump’s order on illegal aliens using welfare, which saves approximately $57 billion per year in taxpayer dollars, equivalent to about $1,600 for every illegal alien.

The order is the latest of Biden’s unprecedentedly high number of executive orders in his first weeks in office. He has already signed 28 executive orders in his first 15 days, which has smashed all previous records for the highest amount of executive orders in a president’s first 100 days. This has led to widespread criticism, including from the New York Times Editorial Board, that Biden is already governing by executive fiat rather than attempting to govern legitimately.

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