Commentary: My Company Won’t Cancel You, but Big Tech CRM Bully Salesforce Might

by Craig Klein


Salesforce has shut down the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) ability to send emails through their platform. is a Silicon Valley-based giant in the enterprise software space with over $13 billion in revenue. The company was founded by Marc Benioff in 1999, who acquired Time Magazine in 2018.

In a just-published Project Veritas video, an undercover journalist leaked a recording of the company’s top executives during a video teleconference discussing their decision to stop the RNC’s emails and what they see as their role in “policing free speech”. By the way, Salesforce shut down Project Veritas, too.

They cite their Acceptable Use terms and claim that the RNC’s emails “directly or indirectly” contributed to “violence,” including the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

In this video, Salesforce President and COO, Brent Taylor, calls the people that rallied in Washington DC on January 6th, a “mob” and describes his company’s perceived role in policing speech in our country. This is chilling stuff!

Perhaps to the chagrin of the likes of Taylor – who goes out of his way to say how much he “honors” the First Amendment – Salesforce’s shutdown of the Republican National Committee and Project Veritas doesn’t have anything to do with freedom of speech.  It’s about silencing speech.

So Salesforce has joined Twitter, Facebook, and Google to openly target and censor voices on the right side of the spectrum.

It’s outrageous. It’s insulting. And as the CEO of a competitor of Salesforce, I’m here to take a stand against these Big Tech oligarchs and say enough is enough.

Thousands of businesses pay Salesforce’s subscription fees only to be rewarded with censorship, and it’s not right. is a CRM and Marketing Automation platform that meets the needs of sales teams and marketers in small- and medium-sized businesses.  It’s easier for salespeople to use and less expensive.  And all of your Salesforce data transfers easily.

SalesNexus can replace Salesforce for your business and allow you to market directly to your ideal customers, without depending on social media giants to advertise to them for you.

But I know many businesses may be locked into a Salesforce contract, so starting today, SalesNexus is willing to offer you 50 percent off on the use of the platform until your Salesforce contract expires.

If you feel trapped by Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech monopolies because there just don’t seem to be viable alternatives for your business – you are not alone.

I felt the same way. But beginning in November of 2020, I began the process of extricating myself from companies and platforms that are actively censoring their users and customers.  It is a daunting task!  We’ve all become so dependent on just a handful of mammoth companies.  However, I found that working with independent publications like The Tennessee Star can be a far more effective way to reach customers.

But, does it matter anyway?  If we stop doing business with these censors, will it change anything?  The answer is yes!

We think of these companies as monopolies and many of them are.  But, they’re businesses, and about 84 percent of their revenue comes from people just like me: owners of small- and medium-sized businesses.

If those businesses switched to new platforms and new vendors, that would represent 42 percent of their revenue. That would get their attention!

It’s likely that many self-described liberals that happily voted for Biden in the last election still believe strongly in the primacy of free speech in our society and are uncomfortable with the censorship we’re seeing, even if it’s only hurting “the other side” – for now.

But really, what Salesforce and the Big Tech cohorts are doing is bigger than the Republicans and the Democrats. It is a betrayal of the most fundamental and important ideas that binds us together as Americans.

This is about voting with your wallet. It’s about having the freedom to say what you believe without the fear of having your business persecuted and your livelihood targeted. It’s about supporting businesses that believe in our Constitution and our Liberty.

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Craig Klein is the CEO of
Photo “Salesforce Video” by Project Veritas.





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