Small Segments of Border Wall Matter in Stopping Illegal Aliens, Brian Kolfage Says During We Build the Wall Symposium


We Build the Wall sponsored a symposium Saturday to discuss border security issues and a “can-do attitude” that led to its construction of one segment of border wall.

The event was titled “Symposium at the Wall: Cartels, Trafficking, and Asylum.” The location was Sunland Park, New Mexico, near El Paso, Texas, where the organization built its first section of wall.

Video of the symposium is available here.

Some of the important issues that were discussed include: human and drug trafficking; border security; immigration; citizenship; asylum; detentions centers; law enforcement and ICE; the role of Congress; foreign policy; and the economic implications of unfettered illegal immigration.

Speakers included: Candace Owens, Steve Bannon, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Raheem Kassam, Kris Kobach, Brian Kolfage, John Catsimatidis, Jr., Angel Families, Fleccas, and more.

We Build the Wall is securing donations to build the next section of wall here. Earlier this summer the organization built a section of wall along the Mexican border and battled local and federal government officials to finish construction and keep a gate locked, as Battleground State News reported in a series of stories.

During the Saturday symposium, after a discussion of how builders overcame obstacles to build the wall, one woman in the audience asked a rhetorical question that drew applause. The question dealt with what would have happened if the builders, with all their expertise, had been aborted.

Every year, 18,000 women are trafficked across the border, panelist Anna Paulina said. Research of trafficking issues blows liberals’ arguments for open borders out of the water, she said.

We Build the Wall founder Brian Kolfage on Saturday asked people to run for political office to make a difference, even if it was at a local level, pointing out his organization had to fight a local battle.

Bannon and Kolfage spoke near the end Saturday. One topic was what’s next for We Build the Wall. Kolfage said they support Trump, not only about the wall but his policies too and “exposing the truth” about the border.

Kolfage spoke about his decision to build the wall coming out of his military service and losing three limbs in war and realizing his children’s freedom could be taken away so easily.

“I’m paying it back,” Kolfage said.

Bannon said the wall has cut local crime and that other communities had approached them to build walls. Governments in towns on the border have voted unanimously to allow walls to be built, Kolfage said.

Kolfage said this is a partnership with Trump and while the government wants to build 100-mile sections, there is a need for small segments to be built where that may not otherwise happen. Small segments matter, Kolfage said, adding that the Border Patrol told him that smuggling moved from Sunland Park to Laredo.

Bannon said the wall is the start of a solution and the “first step to break the backs of the cartels.” He said the wall would not have been built without the people of Sunland Park and El Paso.

Bannon said he wants to hold symposiums around the country.

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