New York Young Republican Club Presents ‘Hunter Biden: A Full Frontal Exposé’ May 25

New York Young Republican Club


In an exclusive interview with The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network, the former producer of Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room and the vice president of the New York Young Republicans Club gave a preview of his May 25  deep dive into corruption, sex and debauchery found on R. Hunter Biden’s laptop titled, “HUNTER BIDEN: A FULL FRONTAL EXPOSÉ,” at the NYYRC’s Manhattan clubhouse. 

“When I was the producer for War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon, it was Rudy and Steve who came to get, Rudy brought the drive to Steve and, or gave him a copy, basically,” said Viswanag B. “Vish” Burrawho is now a senior House staffer on Capitol Hill. It was former New York City mayor and personal attorney to President Donald J. Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, who brought Bannon and the War Room team a copy of the laptop’s hard drive.

“I became the master of that, right, Steve can’t navigate the hard drive, so, I did it for him and I was kind of like a master of the drive, and then, I learned how to make copies of it,” he said.

“My objective is to try to put that into a little more plain text and a little easier for normal people to understand,” he said. 

Burra said he is looking forward to giving people the chance to hear about the contents of the laptop in one presentation. 

The NYYRC vice president said he and one of Bannon’s co-hosts, Jack Maxey, burrowed into the files and folders to the drive trying to find out what was really going on inside President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s mixing of public service and private gain–all documented in texts, emails and videos archived by the president’s son.

Hunter’s relationship with his father

What emerges is Hunter’s central role as the collector for his father’s operation and his father’s constant encouragement to keep his son in the game. “It’s all to keep the operation going, which is which Hunter is the bag man for it.”

Through it all, Hunter never bucks his father when it comes to the business deals, he said.

“I never saw anything in there where that would suggest that Hunter would threaten or sort of leverage what he has against his father,” he said.

However, by keeping so much evidence of corruption on his laptop, he may have been hedging, he said.

“There I’ve never seen anything like that, but you know, there were some folders on the hard drive where it essentially kind of look like Hunter was keeping a file if everything goes wrong,” he said.

“He sort of has a get-out-of-jail-free card with a bunch of documents that are incriminating to everybody in the operation,” he said. “There was nothing explicitly stating that’s what it was for, but there’s no reason to collate or aggregate these sort of documents in one place, unless really you were, trying to take someone out whose already involved in things in this operation.”

Another dynamic in the exchanges between Hunter and his father is Hunter’s desperate need for his father’s attention.

“There is a craving that maybe for once his father would really love him,” he said.

“Whenever a lot of the exchanges between Hunter and Joe, Hunter’s kind of spilling his heart out, basically saying like: ‘Hey, everybody thinks I’m a piece of and blah, blah, blah–and I need you right now, and you know, I need you to do something for me or, send me money or whatever it is,” he said.

Sometimes, some texts and emails betray that Hunter is on the edge, he said.

“There’s a sort of feeling like Hunter kind of feels that maybe in a little bit, like when he thinks that Joe and the family think that the wrong son died, and there are, there are messages in there where Hunter even talks about, Hunter possibly killing himself, stuff like that,” he said.

Hunter’s work for CEFC China Energy

Burra said part of his expectation will deal with Hunter Biden’s work for CEFC China Energy, which was once one of the largest private companies in the world with 30,000 employees. The year before CEFC China Energy’s 2018 bankruptcy, the company posted revenues of $37 billion. 

“The main hub of like the grift, or where all the money really is, I believe it’s CEFC,” he said. “They were into all kinds of energy and it’s essentially the largest energy company in the world–and it was state-run.”

In emails and other documents, it becomes clear that CEFC hired Hunter to be their frontman, going around the world looking to acquire oil deposits and other sources of energy,” he said.“I mean, you’re talking about, possibly over a hundred million in deals,” he said.

“China doesn’t have oil or other natural resources in that sense,” he said. “That’s why they want to encourage the whole world to get electric cars, so we slow ourselves down for them to keep up.”

Hunter’s personal life laid bare on the hard drive

Beyond the corruption exploitation of the president’s political power and influence, there is the debauched corruption of Hunter’s personal life, he said.

“I think he’s already a guy who’s developed a ton of bad habits and a ton of vices, perhaps that comes from a broken place, with his mother dying and all that, but what’s really kind of revealing to me is that it’s, the role that he played for his father as the bagman is essentially what enables him to do all this degenerate stuff,” he said.

“His father knows about everything and he still puts his son in the position to basically carry out his corruption for him, and then kind of leaves him to the wolves when he’s dealing with his personal problems,” Burra said. 

“He just wants to make sure Hunter is collecting his 10 percent for the Big Guy, right? That’s all Joe cares about.–and that lifestyle is enabling devices that Hunter’s already into and kind of amplifies it.”

Hunter moved in with his brother Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III’s widow Hallie and the two had an intimate relationship his father approved of with a public statement.

“He’s a voyeur exhibitionist type,” he said. 

“He records his pornos he makes with women, even, with Beau Biden, his late brother’s widow, Hallie Biden. There’s some porn in there, but the fun fact to it all is he has his own profile or page, where he published this porno on Porn Hub,” he said. 

“He essentially published his own porn with his sister-in-law in there, too,” he said. “It’s all amateur stuff. Not scripted. It’s just when he feels like turning on the camera and making a video, that’s what he does,” he said. 

Burra said Hallie and the other women were completely aware the camera was on.

“She knows it. They know it and they don’t care. They all knew. They may not have known that it was being published, but they knew they were being recorded.”

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Neil W. McCabe is a Washington-based national political reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. In addition to the Star Newspaper, he has covered the White House, Capitol Hill and national politics for One America News, Breitbart, Human Events and Townhall. Before coming to Washington, he was a staff reporter for Boston’s Catholic paper, The Pilot, and the editor of two Boston-area community papers, The Somerville News and The Alewife. McCabe is a public affairs NCO in the Army Reserve and he deployed for 15 months to Iraq as a combat historian.
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