Michigan Republican Candidate for Secretary of State Kristina Karamo Scorches Dearborn School Board for Sexually Graphic Content

Republican candidate for Michigan Secretary of State Kristina Karamo joined her fellow parents at a Dearborn school board meeting to condemn sexually explicit materials and lessons in school libraries, when academic achievement should be the focus of education.

“Every parent has a right to object to the things their kids are being exposed to,” Karamo told the school board Thursday. “But there is a breaking point. And the breaking point is this”:

The fundamental existence of school is not to learn about sexual pleasure, not to learn about new sex acts. The fundamental purpose of school is to prepare our kids to be successful adults who go off and have careers, and it is up to every parent to then teach their kids morality. It is out of place for the school to do it, and I reject any notion that parents here are filled with hate or bigotry. The parents don’t want their kids sexualized. If other people want to sexualize their kids, that’s their business.

Karamo tweeted her remarks at the school board meeting.

“Parents are being demonized, lied about, and labeled as bigots for simply wanting their kids to go to school for college and career readiness,” she posted. “Not be exposed to graphic sexual content.”


In September, former President Donald Trump endorsed Karamo in her campaign for Michigan’s secretary of state against incumbent Democrat Jocelyn Benson.

“Parental rights and the Rule of Law in Michigan has been decimated by Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson; three authoritarian sisters posing as liberals,” Karamo asserted on Twitter as well. “It’s time for a change in Michigan.”

A Detroit Free Press/ EPIC-MRA of Lansing poll published Thursday found significant tightening in all three races for Michigan governor, attorney general, and secretary of state.

Benson now leads Karamo by 10 points, down from 14 points in September, according to the survey. The Free Press noted:

The poll found inflation has overtaken abortion as the top issue on voters’ minds and views of the Michigan economy have darkened since the last EPIC-MRA survey was taken, just a little over three weeks ago. The mood of the electorate has changed as gas prices again are on the rise, Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries have moved to tighten oil supplies, and Michigan homeowners are noticing hikes in their heating bills as colder weather sets in.

Michigan’s proposal (Prop 3), also on the ballot, has received significant exposure in recent weeks.

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her allies at Planned Parenthood have been marketing Prop 3 as an abortion amendment that would codify Roe v. Wade, but the measure would also allow children to obtain “gender affirming” hormones and surgeries without parental consent under the banner of “reproductive care.”

In June, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel advocated for a “drag queen for every school” while speaking at the Michigan Department of Civil Rights 2022 Civil Rights Summit.

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Susan Berry, PhD, is national education editor at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Kristina Karamo” by Kristina Karamo and “Storytime with Students” is by Charlie Baker CC2.0.



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