Commentary: President Trump’s Policy Victories, from A to Z

by Deroy Murdock


A reader who calls himself BillyBob left a comment after my recent op-ed in The American Spectator on the Never Trumpers’ attack on the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia, Herschel Walker.

Here is what BillyBob wrote:

Liz [Cheney] is actually a true conservative. Trump has no value structure or political spine- all he cares about is “what more can I get for me”. Anyone who believes Trump is conservative is just daft. Kinda’ like Trump.

What utter nonsense! Whatever one thinks about President Donald J. Trump’s personality, his policies were the most conservative reforms that America has seen since President Ronald Wilson Reagan left office — and perhaps even before he arrived. Here is a partial list of what he got done in the White House in one term — even as he fought a totally unhinged Democrat Party, the ferocious news media, the vicious Deep State (including a virulently hostile FBI), and enough lies hurled against him to stretch Pinocchio’s nose to the size of a javelin.

a) The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — a massive tax reduction that largely remains in place

b) A 21 percent top-corporate tax rate, down from 35 percent

c) Eight regulations erased for every new one imposed

d) School voucher program for Washington, D.C., reauthorized and funded

e) Three constitutionalist justices added to the U.S. Supreme Court

f) Some 200 conservative judges placed in lower federal courts

g) Keystone XL Pipeline approved

h) Oil drilling in a small, specific portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge authorized

i) U.S. energy independence achieved

j) Critical race theory in federal programs dumped

k) Paris Climate Agreement abandoned

l) Iran Nuclear Deal ditched

m) Chinese Communist Party confronted and discredited

n) Islamic State group caliphate obliterated

o) U.S. embassy in Israel moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

p) Four Middle Eastern peace deals with Israel and its neighbors signed

q) About 5 hundred miles of southern-border wall constructed

r) Some 8,000 Opportunity Zones to revitalize low-income areas through market incentives activated

s) Planned Parenthood partially defunded

t) National Right to Life March addressed in person — a presidential first

u) Executive order requiring that new federal buildings be designed in classical Greco-Roman style signed

v) North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) replaced with the U.S.–Mexico–Canada Agreement — a new-and-improved free-trade pact

w) Free trade agreement with South Korea launched

x) Right to Try law allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs signed

y) American military prowess restored and funded

z) Operation Warp Speed’s three COVID-19 vaccines delivered in record time via White House collaboration with the private sector

Donald J. Trump enjoyed enough victories to match the number of letters in the English alphabet. These 26 policies and achievements are all conservative. And there are many more (Space Force! Record-low black and Hispanic unemployment!).

Those who claim that President Trump is not a conservative and did not govern as one are either totally ignorant or wildly dishonest.

– – –

Manhattan-based political commentator Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.



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