Mike Pence Touts Trump’s Accomplishments During Speech at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference


Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference this weekend to make the case for why the Great Lakes state should re-elect Trump in 2020. Pence’s appearance marked the first time a Vice President had attended this event in over 60 years.

“It’s been two and half years of promises made and promises kept, but we are just getting started and that’s why we need four more years,” he said to a roaring crowd.

During his speech, the Vice President highlighted some of Trump’s economic accomplishments such as creating millions of new jobs, having the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and record low employment numbers for women, African Americans and Hispanics.

Besides Trump’s economic successes, Pence noted the foreign policy achievements Trump has done as president including negotiating with North Korea, having NATO allies contribute more, fighting radical Islamist terrorists and pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

To keep America great, according to Pence, means re-electing Trump for four more years.

“Four more years means more jobs, four more years means more judges, four more years means more support for our troops, and at least four more year to drain that swamp,” Pence said.

The Vice President did not forget to mention Trump’s Democratic opponents during his speech. Pence called watching the three previous Democratic debates an “occupational hazard.” He also added the Democratic Party today is dominated by left-wing radicals who support the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, open borders and health care for illegal immigrants.

“We believe the moment America becomes a socialist country is the moment America ceases to be America,” the former Indiana governor said.

Pence thanked the Michigan crowd for electing Donald Trump in 2016. He also said Michigan Republicans delivered this state to Trump, which was the first time since Ronald Regan a Republican won Michigan.

“He is a man that loves the state of Michigan and has been fighting to keep his promises he made to the great people of the Great Lakes state every day since election day,” the Vice President said.

To end his speech, Pence challenged conference attendees to tell their families, friends and neighbors to tell them what they aren’t hearing from major media outlets.

“Tell them America is strong again, tell them America is prospering again, tell them America needs four more years of President Donald Trump,” he said.

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