Impeachment Defender Slotkin Receives First Challenge to 2020 Campaign


Nikki Snyder, a 35-year-old member of the Michigan state Board of Education, will challenge Democrat U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, by running for Congress, she announced on Tuesday.

She is the first Republican to challenge Slotkin, who previously was running uncontested.

The announcement coincides with the declaration on Slotkin’s part to support impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Following the whistleblower complaint reported on September 18, Slotkin has been under pressure to take a side on the impeachment case.

Five days later, Slotkin said she would support an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. She has shown herself invested in national security issues because of her time in the CIA and the Pentagon before winning her position in Congress. This announcement came simultaneously with six other freshman Democrat authors. These seven co-authored a joint op-ed in the Washington Post condemning Trump’s actions.

This all follows promises to work with Trump. However, Slotkin said that the allegations against the president, if true, would prove an impeachable offense.

She alleges that that president wielded the title of his office for political gain, echoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s claim that no one can be above the law. This marks a turn in Slotkin’s previously bipartisan approach to her term. Since taking office in 2018 over a largely red district, Slotkin has focused on bipartisan issues and turned it blue in her favor.

Both Slotkin and Snyder have read the transcript of the phone call in question. While Slotkin called it “something different,” thus meriting higher action, Snyder affirmed that she saw nothing in the transcript that called for impeachment.

Snyder has an uphill road ahead of her, but she may have won some votes simply by opposing Slotkin. Snyder was elected to the Board in 2016 and is a registered nurse and lactation consultant.

Government debt is one of her key campaign platforms, and that alongside her passion for education motivated her to challenge the popular Slotkin. She plans to focus her campaign on education and reducing governmental spending by culling waste. She also took the time to clarify that her timing wasn’t intended to target Slotkin’s pro-impeachment platform. The incumbent Congresswomen has raised over $2 million in her reelection campaign as of September 30.

However, with tensions high and impeachment on every tongue, the fight for the 8th district has already taken its place as far more significant than either candidate perhaps intended. Eyes are turning to the 8th district as it represents the two key viewpoints present in the nation.

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Photo “Elissa Slotkin” by Elissa Slotkin. Photo ‘Nikki Snyder” by Nikki Snyder





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