Deroy Murdock Commentary: A Snapshot of Insanity, Courtesy of the Democrats

Led by Quadrillion-Dollar Man Joe Biden — about whom more later — today’s Democrat Party has decayed into a collection of psychoses fortified by police power, perpetual-motion monetary printing presses and easy access to atomic weapons. What could go wrong? Damn near everything.

Democrats spent much of the last generation attempting to heal the Southern blacks whom they brutalized through Jim Crow segregation. They promoted legal equality for women, aimed to enrich the poor and eradicated tear-inducing air and blazing rivers.

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Taxpayer Cost Unknown for Detroit’s Commissioning of 200 ‘Blight to Beauty’ Murals

Taxpayers’ potential cost is unknown for Detroit’s commissioning of 200 murals to be painted by local artists.

The commissions are part of Mayor Mike Duggan’s 2022 Blight to Beauty campaign and will be funded by the city’s Public Art Fund as well as potentially by the Ford and Kresge foundations.

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