Michigan Dem Chair Lavora Barnes Accuses Republicans of ‘Voter Suppression’ for Defending Election Laws

Lavorna Barnes

The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party accused Republicans of “voter suppression” after the Republican National Committee announced a $10 million effort to defend current election laws.

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Progressive Super PAC Priorities USA Sues Michigan Over Its Absentee Ballot Law

  A left-wing super Political Action Committee (PAC) is suing Michigan over its law that eliminates absentee ballots if a person’s signature doesn’t match the one election officials have on file. Priorities USA, which describes itself as a progressive advocacy group, argued in its lawsuit Wednesday that Michigan’s course of…

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Progressive Activist Group ‘Priorities USA’ Launches Michigan Chapter as Part of $100 Million Investment

  National political advocacy group Priorities USA recently launched local chapter Priorities Michigan. The recent addition is part of the organization’s initiative to reach states expected to have a high impact in the upcoming presidential election. The group aims to highlight the stories of Michigan voters who have felt negative…

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