Commentary: China Should Not Provoke the United States

In the immense and multifaceted controversy over the coronavirus pandemic, and in the midst of tumultuous pre-electoral events in the United States, the role of the Chinese government in inflicting this economic and public health disaster on the world has been the subject of comparative restraint.

Were it not for these other preoccupations in this American election year, and expert research confirmed official Chinese complicity, by negligence or malice, in the generation of the pandemic, with the complicity of the World Health Organization, there would be some danger of an intemperate response.

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Commentary: Impeachment of Trump Gives Aid and Comfort to China

The Democrat impeachment scam of President Donald Trump is giving aid and comfort to the communist regime in China which is violently attacking Hong Kongers who seek to continue living their lives free of Beijing’s oppression. Right now, Chinese government-sanctioned police and troops are making the former British holding a bloodier Tiananmen Square, under the blanket of silence created by our nation’s impeachment focus.

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