Arizona GOP Senate Hopeful Jim Lamon Tells TSNN Securing the Border His Top Priority

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed Arizona GOP Senate hopeful Jim Lamon after his Sun City town hall with supporters. Lamon told TSNN that when he gets into the Senate his first job will be securing the border.

Lamon is running in the Aug. 2 primary to face former astronaut Senator Mark Kelly, the Democrat who was elected in 2020 to finish the term of the late Republican John McCain.


McCabe: In an exclusive interview, Arizona GOP Senate hopeful Jim Lamon told The Star News Network that when he is in the Senate, the border is his top priority.

Lamon: My goal in the U.S. Senate is that’s Job One. The sovereignty of our country is at stake. I have been to the border many times with the National Border Patrol Council. I had their endorsement along with the Arizona Police Association. And what I see in that open border is people from around the world.

McCabe: This focus is exactly what the voters are demanding, he said.

Lamon: What voters are telling us as we travel all across this beautiful state for the last year is the disappointment they have in the current open southern border. It was secure in 2020. We had it down to 2,000 a week. It’s exploded to 48,000 a week.

McCabe: This onslaught of migrants has overwhelmed public safety and put Arizonans in danger, the Cold War Army veteran said.

Lamon: Crime has gone up incredibly across the state – people that are coming here unvetted. America has the best legal immigration system on the planet.

We all love immigration. We all came here through immigration. There’s a huge disappointment about being let down in our country for something we had under control and there’s absolutely no reason for it.

McCabe: The former Alabama linebacker for coach Bear Bryant said, in this Senate election, voters are looking for someone to take action and bring back the successful border policies of President Donald J. Trump.

Lamon: They want someone strong. They want someone who’s actually going to go do something about it. We know the solutions. Remain-in-Mexico policy is extremely effective. Let the Border Patrol do their job and it’ll happen again.

McCabe: Lamon, who sold his solar utility company as he entered the race, said, beyond the public safety threat, there is a national security threat as young men from hostile powers pour in.

Lamon: Russia, China, Cuba, Congo, Venezuela. The times I’ve been there, the vast majority have been military-age males coming through that border. We have 600,000 that they never saw last year. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Sun City, Arizona.















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