WarRoom: Neil W. McCabe Updates Steve Bannon on Tennesssee Governor Bill Lee’s Lock Step with Big Army Vaccine Mandate for National Guardsmen

Thursday morning on War Room: Pandemic, Stephen K. Bannon welcomed Washington correspondent and the national political editor for The Star News Network and The Tennessee Star, Neil W. McCabe to explain how Governor Bill of Tennessee is keeping with the Army’s purge of unvaccinated national guardsmen.

Bannon: Let’s go to Neil W. McCabe. Let’s get this organized. Let’s go to Neil W. McCabe. He’s still outside the National Guard. Neil, you just heard from Captain Shelton. Give us a summary.

There are 400 troops that essentially are going to get their walking papers starting today. And Bill Lee in Tennessee has been a disgrace on this your Star News Network. Tell me what you guys are focused on this issue.

McCabe: Yes. So The Star News Network and in particular our flagship, The Tennessee Star. Steve, we’ve been reaching out to people in and out of the guard, people who are the ones executing these orders, the ones who are getting the separation papers.

I know of JAG officers who are resigning rather than doing the paperwork. Because remember, as it stands now, Steve, each state is responsible for its own separation boards chaptering these guys out.

Some states are taking their foot off the gas and hoping this thing washes over. That’s not the case in Tennessee. Governor Bill Lee is full-on implementing big army’s deadline and he’s going to start chaptering people out Steve.

Bannon: Okay, Neil, how do people follow you guys on social media? How do they get to you? Because your coverage is going to do more of it this afternoon and it’s a big deal. We cannot have these great patriots be bounced out of the army because of these facts.

McCabe: The best place to go is thestarnewsnetwork.com and they can find me at ReporterMcCabe on GETTR True Social and on Twitter, Steve.

Bannon: McCabe, keep hitting it, brother. Doing a great job.

Listen to the interview below, starting at about the 42:00 min mark:

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