Stephen K. Bannon’s WarRoom Interviews Corey Lewandowski at Mar-a-Lago ‘Rigged’ Premiere

The Star News Network provided the connection for this interview of Corey Lewandowski at Mar-a-Lago by Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday’s WarRoom: BattleGround to talk about the importance of the film Rigged and widespread election fraud.

Bannon: I understand tonight, before the film Rigged, you’ve got Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Dave Bossie, Reince Priebus, and yourself, among others.

First off, I want to make sure that Shifty Schiff and little Jamie Raskin are not going to deliver any subpoenas to you guys. Are you guys concerned about that, having that kind of group of power hitters down there?

Lewandowski: Hey, Steve, I had my fight in front of the usury committee, in case you don’t remember, with Jerry Nadler. And I think I came out okay that day. So if he wants to bring a subpoena, bring it, baby. Bring it.

Bannon: (Chuckles) Yes. I don’t think they ever want to know. They don’t want any more of Corey. Corey, how important – you know the president probably as well as anybody – how important is this film and Dave Bossie and the investigators you put on it, how important is this for President Trump to finally start to get the word out there with the receipts? Not just rhetoric, but hard receipts that we can now start showing how this thing was stolen?

Lewandowski: Steve, this film is so important. I’ve had the privilege to already see it. What Dave Bossie has put together here is a case in point of what Mark Zuckerberg did for the opportunity to steal an American election legally.

And what I think this guy did, the film articulates, he used a nonprofit to do it. So this guy took $400 million, dumped it into a 501(c)(3), took a tax write-off for doing it, and then put his thumb on the scale to weigh the outcome of the election.

We know that Dave Bossie has found where the money goes because the 990s of the nonprofit are publicly available. Mark Zuckerberg never has run into a guy like Dave Bossie.

And look, between Kellyanne Conway and Dave Bossie and me and Hope and Reince, Steve, if we had you here, not only can we fix the problems here in the United States, we can go fix the problems in Ukraine, too. Putin wouldn’t screw with us. Let me tell you that.

Bannon: (Chuckles) Corey, you were there at the beginning … trying to get this thing sorted, particularly in places like Pennsylvania. What recommendation will you make for our MAGA audience?

Since this film is out and in addition to seeing it, you’re a guy that’s action, action, action. What should our audience do? What’s the call to action to actually get this thing so we start the certifying Biden electors?

Lewandowski: It’s very simple, Steve. We have to make sure we got one person, one vote. We know unequivocally that there was election fraud! The media has told us that it wasn’t widespread. I don’t know what widespread election fraud means anymore. Does it mean one person, two?

What’s the definition of widespread fraud? This is the same media that told us the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t real and that the Russian disinformation campaign as it related to Russiagate was real.

So how can we believe anything they say? We need people to go out there and monitor what’s going on. To make sure that we have voter ID in place. That we have a system that only legal people are allowed to vote into and that they only accounted if their legal ballots, Steve.

Let’s do verification of signatures when they’re absentees like they’re supposed to be done. If we’re not going to do that, then we’re no better than a two-bit bureaucracy somewhere that has a Mickey Mouse operation that right now is being run by a clown called Joe Biden.

Bannon: Last question. You’ve got Kellyanne, Hope, Bossie, Reince, yourself, and others. Is this a cash bar? Is this going on their production or is this a cash bar?

Lewandowski: Steve, you and I both know how cheap that guy is. (Bannon chuckles) But it wasn’t his decision. His wife said, hey, Bossie, you cheap bastard.

Open the bar up to everybody. (Bannon laughs) And I know you don’t drink, but I’m going to. Hey, I’ll do my best to ring up the tab for you, Steve. How is that?

Bannon: Corey, how do people follow you on social media, because you’re on fire 24 hours a day and I know you’re now back into the game, punching away. How do people follow you?

Lewandowski: Look, the best thing to do is you go to It’s my Super PAC that we’re endorsing candidates through You can follow us on Twitter if anybody’s still on Twitter. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Lewandowski is my handle. CLewandowski at Twitter and maybe Elon will come in and take some action over at that dump of a place and we can fix some of the problems over there.

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