Star News Network Reports from Michigan CRT Protest at School Board


FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan – The Star News Network’s Neil W. McCabe reported Tuesday from a Farmington Hills high school, where parents protested the town’s school board over a Critical Race Theory (CRT) initiative.

“Dozens of parents came to the school board meeting held here at the North Farmington High School to protest the schools 21-day equity challenge, which is a Critical Race Theory challenge which includes having the students attend and participate in an event with Black Lives Matter.”

McCabe said parents were joined by Republican Party officials, and Moms For America.

That organization describes itself as “a national movement of mothers to reclaim our culture for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution.”

McCabe interviewed the Oakland County Republican Party Chairman, Andrew “Rocky” Roczkowski.

“We all agree with increasing diversity and inclusion,” Roczkowski said, “but it’s the equity program and how they relayed it to the parents and the community that we take issue with.”

Roczkowski lamented that the equity challenge instructs students not to use the phrase “America is the land of opportunity,” because that is a “microaggression.”

One protestor, Linda Tee Tarter, a Republican running for Michigan’s State Board of Education, called Black Lives Matter a “terrorist organization,” and said she was enraged that the community was asked to join the group in a protest.

Tamra Farah, the Executive Director of Moms For America, noted that the school is teaching minority students that white people are against them.

Farmington Public Schools Superintendent Chris Delgado said recently that the diversity initiative will continue, and that the school district has received positive responses from many in the community.

“[The challenge] never was intended to stand alone because absent the context and the dialogue, individual pieces could be misinterpreted or misrepresented,” he said.

But as of Friday, the Farmington Public Schools website has taken down a webpage explaining the 21-day challenge, meaning that no such context is available to the public.

Watch McCabe’s full report here.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Michigan Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].






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