Senior Advisor to Trump-Pence 2020 Corey Lewandowski Gives Updates on the Case of Pennsylvania Unwitnessed Ballots


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Corey Lewandowski to the show to give updates on the Trump legal case of unwitnessed ballots in Pennsylvania.

Fredericks: Joining us now Corey Lewandowski who is the senior advisor to the Trump campaign. Trump-Pence 2020. Recovering from COVID. Hey, Corey, how are you doing?

Lewandowski: Hey, John, good morning. How are you?

Fredericks: I’m doing fine. Tell me about your health.

Lewandowski: Yeah, I feel good. I was a little tired when I get diagnosed with it. I think I caught this in Philadelphia when I was up there campaigning for the President right after the election where I watch them, you know have a series of shenanigans at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Got diagnosed. The first symptoms probably Saturday of last week. So now looks to be about nine days into this thing. Continuing to stay home and take care of myself and isolate from my kids and ready to beat this thing. Done.

Fredericks: All right. Well, you know what? You’re a very healthy guy. I look forward to you being recovered. Now, you have to basically stay home for two weeks, right? That’s the way it goes? You have to quarantine.

Lewandowski: Follow the guidelines. And so, you know, the hard thing is just being home all the time. But I’ve been here I did get to take my dog out for a walk cause I live up in the middle of nowhere. So he’s good. And that’s about it.

Fredericks: Alright, and how is your family? Everybody else all right?

Lewandowski: Yeah, it was good. Yeah, look, I been lucky enough that they’ve decided to stay away from me. And they’ve been watching Cobra Kai that’s what they’re doing on up there.

Fredericks: John Frederick’s radio network Corey Lewandowski. So Corey, where are we on this? Sidney Powell joining the team. She was on Maria Bartiromo yesterday. She said there are all kinds of fraud. She said she’d never seen anything like this before and it was all going to come out. So did Mayor Giuliani who is a chief lawyer. Give us an update Corey.

Lewandowski: Well both Sydney Powell and Lin Wood are amazing attorneys. They know what they’re doing. I heard that you got Lin coming on at the bottom of the half-hour here. So I don’t want to take up a lot of time because you’re going to get it right from the horse’s mouth. But the truth is, you know, Sidney Powell has really done an amazing job when it related to her representation of General Mike Flynn.

She’s the one who forced the crooked FBI agents to come out and actually say that they were trying to entrap him. And so she’s done an amazing job. She is a dogged attorney. She knows what she’s doing. She’s got a great legal mind. Obviously, you know Mayor Giuliani is someone who’s known the President for probably 50 years. They’re close friends and contemporaries in age. And the President asked him to oversee the legal efforts to ensure that we can send the offense. And so right now we’re on the offense in a number of places. But we do have to get some rulings in our favor here pretty soon.

Fredericks: All right. Give us an update on Pennsylvania. You were part of running the operation in Philadelphia. There’s confusion Corey right now in Pennsylvania because some people are saying that part of our lawsuit got withdrawn. What exactly is happening there, Corey?

Lewandowski: Well, so you know what our major gripe in the state of Pennsylvania is that we were unable to view or watch the counting take place in two major areas. Allegheny County, which is Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia County which is obviously the city of Philadelphia. And when we tried to go there they blocked us. And what they did was they counted as fast as they could 24 hours a day all through the night for multiple days until Joe Biden actually had the lead and then they stopped counting.

And if you remember John when Tuesday night rolled around and finished we had about an 800,000 vote lead in the state of Pennsylvania. Donald Trump did. All of a sudden, you know, minute-by-minute hour-by-hour with kind of the cover of darkness with no observers in the room they just started counting votes. Separated the votes. And once they’ve separated them from the envelopes you can’t really follow up.

We had a court order that allowed us to go and view that counting. They told us they didn’t care about the court order. They weren’t going to let in anyways. And so the crux of our case in Pennsylvania is and Rudy and I talked about this yesterday, he believes we’ve got about 600,000. More than 600,000 ballots were counted that were never witnessed that counting. So not by anybody on our team or any Republicans.

And his argument is that if they weren’t witnessed counts then they should be illegal. And if you throw those out Rudy is saying that that would then put President Trump on the plus side by about 350,000 votes in the state of Pennsylvania. I don’t know what that actually means from the legal side. But that’s the argument that they’re making right now. And we’ve got some more work to do there.

Fredericks: Alright. So basically what you’re saying is there were 600,000 ballots that were counted without any poll watchers, even though he had people available. They were not allowed to go in therefore you don’t really know what the accuracy of it is. And your part of the lawsuit is to get those 600,000 thrown out because they were illegally counted. Is that my understanding?

Lewandowski: That’s right. Yep. Exactly right.

Fredericks: All right. But then they were saying on the news that part of one of our lawsuits got withdrawn in Pennsylvania. Corey, are you familiar with that?

Lewandowski: Well, what happened and the left is very good at this John. We had a firm that was representing us in the state of Pennsylvania and all of a sudden the tolerant left as I call them started to attack them and started to go after them and that firm had to withdraw from representing us in Pennsylvania because they were fearful of the assault from the left. The threats. And so when that happened and they withdrew their representation, I believe it actually removed part of our pending lawsuit. Now, we still have the ability to refile that.

Fredericks: Got it.

Lewandowski: But we do have a decision from a judge in Pennsylvania that says any ballots that came in after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday election night have to be segregated out and many believe those ballots can’t be counted at all. So if you couldn’t vote by 8:00 p.m. on election night, you can’t just keep waiting. I’m going to vote on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday.

And in the state of Pennsylvania, they were not mandating that the ballots be run through the postage machine to see when they were actually stamped. And so, you know, the argument is and this is what Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said was look we’re going to segregate out those ballots and we will determine if those ballots are to be counted. That is a big deal because a number of ballots had come in after the deadline.

Fredericks: Do you know that number is?

Lewandowski: It’s 100’s of 1000’s.

Fredericks: And after the deadline. 100’s of 1000’s have been segregated. It’s not like 10,000.

Lewandowski: No, it’s 100’s of 1000’s John. We don’t know if they’re segregated. But when you don’t give people the opportunity to view what’s going on, when you do this under the cover of darkness, it’s very difficult to take these people at their word that they did segregate out these ballots. Maybe they did. I’m not saying they did or didn’t. But I can tell you my experience was that they wanted to keep us as far away as possible from that Philadelphia Convention Center.

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