Omar and Tlaib Have Both Called for Deporting Opponents


President Donald Trump was widely accused of being a racist after he suggested that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) should return to Somalia if she isn’t satisfied with America. His feud with Omar and her progressive colleagues was intensified after supporters began a chant of “send her back” at a North Carolina rally.

“I will never back down and no bully, even this racist president, will waiver the work we have to do for our residents of Wayne County,” Tlaib wrote on Twitter in just one of many tweets in response to Trump’s comments.

Omar repeatedly called Trump a racist for his comments, saying again on Tuesday that “inherent racism” has always “been part of him.”

Omar and Tlaib, however, have both made their own snide remarks about deportation.

“Deport this asshole!” Tlaib wrote in a December 2015 tweet about Trump.


“Why don’t we deport you to where ever you came from,” Omar once told a peer on Twitter. The comment was made during a 2012 discussion on Twitter about a mayor in Maine who said Somalis should leave their “culture at the door.” The specific tweet Omar was responding to, however, has been deleted.


During that discussion, Omar said she “totally” disagrees that immigrants should try to assimilate into American culture.

“Totally disagree America is a melting pot of cultures,” she said. “Our values is one of inclusion and acceptance.”

She went on to call a fellow Twitter user “silly” for suggesting that America is “based in Judeo-Christian culture and law.”

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Photo by Ilhan Omar. 



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