Neil W. McCabe Reports from Mar-A-Lago About the Premiere of New Film ‘Rigged’ Detailing Voter Fraud

Stephen K. Bannon, host of WarRoom Pandemic, interviewed The Star News Network’s National Political Editor Neil W. McCabe on Tuesday. McCabe was reporting from Palm Beach, Florida, just outside the Mar-A-Lago resort owned by former President Donald Trump.

Bannon: I want to go to Neil McCabe. He’s outside of Mar-a-Lago. Neil McCabe is the national political editor for The Star News Network, one of our strategic partners. Neil, talk to us about premiering the initial screening of Rigged tonight.

I understand security is a little tight down there. There are all types of VIPs like Dave Bossie and others down there, in addition to a guy that was the 45th president of the  United States and won the election in 2020. Talk to us about Rigged in this premiere.

McCabe: Yes. Earlier today, Steve, about an hour before this, we started setting up here. We went over to Mar-a-Lago. It’s kind of a carnival atmosphere. There are a lot of cars pulling in, a lot of people pulling in, and a lot of excitement about this movie.

And I think what this movie does, Steve, is it establishes the terra firma. There’s a lot of speculation about trucks and ballots and different things. This is provable.

This is concrete. And like you said, you’re always asking “what is solid?” And I think this movie Rigged gives us what is solid about what Mark Zuckerberg and his people did in 2020.

Bannon: Look, you guys are The Star News. This is one of the reasons that Michael Patrick Leahy set this up for the battleground states. This is the first time a film comes out, and I know Dinesh has got one coming out about the mules, I think it is in Georgia.

But now you’re getting filmmakers that are investigators to really drill down on this. The atmosphere over there, do the folks around there think this is going to lead to something?

McCabe: I think people are just excited that they have something to rely on, because of the tsunami of negativity, the so-called “big lie.” I mean, it’s so overwhelming everywhere you turn, every time you read a New York Times article, they have to slip in the words unproven, unsubstantiated. People need to know what is provable and what is solid.

And that’s what this film does. So everybody comes here, they see it, they go back to their hometowns and they start talking about it, and then it starts building across the country, Steve.

Bannon: Neil, thank you. How do you get to Star News and what’s your social media? We know you got to punch out to go get set up inside Mar-a-Lago, and it’s not easy to get through security.

McCabe: No. It is not. You can find me on Twitter and GETTR and TRUTH Social at Reportermccabe and then at Thank you, Steve.
































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