California School District Uses Planned Parenthood Lesson to Teach Sexual Health

by Reagan Reese


A California school district is using a Planned Parenthood lesson plan on “sexual health and education” to push gender identity concepts, according to public school documents.

San Diego Unified School District partnered with Planned Parenthood on a K-12 sexual health curriculum that focuses on sexual orientation and breaking down “gender norms,” according to public school documents. The teacher training talks about sexual anatomy and how to address different questions about sexuality with students.

The reproductive health portion of the curriculum refers to biological males as “people with a penis” and women as “people with a vulva,” which are important to a “person’s sexuality,” the documents show. The curriculum teaches that inclusive language should be used when referring to anatomy of others and having “medically accurate” knowledge of reproductive anatomy is important to “sexuality as a normal part of human development,” the documents show.

Educators are also prepped for student questions they may have to answer as a part of the sexual health lesson including, “is it okay to masturbate?” “what does semen taste like?” “how do gay people have sex?” and “what is porn?”, according to the documents. The lesson advises educators to make sure their response is “inclusive of all students.”

San Diego Unified School District also provides “student information change request” forms for teachers to complete to change their name and pronouns on teacher rosters, report cards, school mailings and diplomas, the documents state. Educators are advised not to disclose the change in gender identity to parents unless advised by the student to do so.

The form recommends students “without parental support” should only change their name and pronouns on teacher rosters, while students “with parental support” will have their changes applied to report cards, school mailings and diplomas, according to the documents.

San Diego Unified School District and Planned Parenthood did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Reagan Reese is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Students in Class” by San Diego Unified School District.



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