Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s Restaurant Police Cite Two Downtown Bars For Having Too Many Customers


Informants reportedly helped Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s restaurant police cite two downtown bars over the weekend.

WSMV reported that a task force cited Dogwood and Rebar, both on Division Street, on Saturday for having too many patrons, including on the patio. The task force had members from Metro Public Health Department, the Metro Nashville Police Department and the Metro Beer Board. The task force checked on Dogwood again on Sunday.

The task force was already on the prowl, but WSMV quoted two citizens who complained about the crowds, one of whom apparently contacted the authorities.

“I mean it’s appalling to me. I went over there to take a picture to report it to the health department,” said Nashville resident Andi McKeller. “Respect people’s health protect people abide by the rules.”

Both bars had to temporarily close, Fox 17 News said.

Cooper continues to limit restaurants and bars to 50 percent capacity despite massive evidence virtually clearing them of having any role in the spread of COVID-19. His administration is in Phase Three of reopening.

Dennis Ferrier of Fox 17 News has been documenting Cooper’s overreach. Last week, he reported that only 146 of Davidson County’s 25,000-plus coronavirus cases were tied to bars and restaurants, or less than one-half of one percent, as The Tennessee Star reported.

Ferrier said the Tennessee Hospitality Association reported that In June and July, Nashville restaurant numbers were down 41 percent compared to the remainder of the state being down 12 percent.

When Cooper announced at a July 2 press conference that he was shutting down all the city’s bars for 14 days and reducing restaurant capacity from 75 percent to 50 percent, due to “record” cases of COVID-19 traceable to restaurants and bars, he apparently knew that his own health department said very few cases were connected to those industries, The Star reported.

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7 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s Restaurant Police Cite Two Downtown Bars For Having Too Many Customers”

  1. MAGA

    Stalin would be proud.

  2. 83ragtop50

    It is common knowledge that Cooper and his cronies are bent on destroying Nashville. My complaint is with people like Andi McKeller who are snitching on people. All she had to do was avoid the places she felt was unsafe but NO she had to save the world. Give me a break!

  3. John

    Metro Police should’ve taken a stand against this communist Mayor and refuse to enforce this unlawful act, but they didn’t. Great….great job….thanks for proving nothing has changed with your corrupt police force.

  4. Julie

    Cooper had to get out of downtown and make it look like he was aggressively policing other areas. Looks like the Metro Council is voting this evening on allowing metro employees outside of the police/health dept. to enforce emergency orders such as mask mandates and capacity rules. Mayor Cooper must be thrilled about this since the council leans left. I wonder who these people would be, those specifically hired to do this job from Cooper’s bloated budget? How are businesses and specific areas chosen to be policed? If TDOT is filling a pothole in your neighborhood or metro public works picking up trash will they issue a ticket if they catch a group of you without a mask or socially distancing? Surely Cooper and his cronies have ideas of how this would work.

    1. Ron Welch

      When people are voting for so called “liberals”, it is quite obvious that Democrats like Jim Cooper have long since abandoned classical liberalism and are now authoritarian leftists who are ready to use control, mandates, bans and lockdowns which violate the Bill of Rights. They fear and despise Liberty, freedom and free citizens being trusted to follow good information and do what’s best for themselves to be safe and healthy.

  5. rick

    The restaurant Nazis police with the current police chief are scary, I don’t know how the police chief gets his lips off the Commie Cooper’s behind long enough to arrest anyone. They can paint BLM (Belt Loops Matter) on the street that all citizens tax dollars paid for but, have one to many people in a restaurant and its the concentration camp for you. Commie Cooper and his gestapo goon police chief!!

    1. Ron Welch

      “They can paint BLM on the street that all citizens paid for…”
      Then any group or organization may use Nashville city streets for murals and messaging or else it’s discrimination and a violation of “the equal protection of the laws”. Oh, but wait, who is going by “the rule of law” and “no one is above the law”? Not the Cooper Administration!