Majority of Americans Oppose Male Athletes Competing in Female Sports, Puberty Blockers for Minors: Poll

by Alexa Schwerha


A majority of Americans oppose male athletes competing in female sports and giving puberty blockers to children, a new YouGov survey revealed.

The survey, sponsored by The Economist, polled 1,500 Americans on a variety of public policy issues, including several transgenderism topics. The questions polled respondents on their opinions of transgender athletes competing on sports teams, permitting minors to access puberty blockers, parental rights and drag shows.

Approximately 55% of respondents oppose transgender athletes being able to compete on athletic teams that don’t correspond with their biological sex, according to the results. About 60% agreed that K-12 schools should inform parents if their child decides to be addressed by different pronouns, while 53% oppose allowing parents to give their child puberty blockers to aid their transition.

North Dakota and Kansas became the most recent states to pass a law requiring athletes to compete on the sports team that matches their biological sex. Supporters of these laws argue that they will safeguard athletic opportunities for women and girls, while critics allege they are discriminatory toward transgender students.

About 32% of respondents believed that state lawmakers focus “too much” on legislation that is focused on transgender children in school while 27% said lawmakers spend “about the right amount” of time on the issue, the poll revealed.

When asked about drag performances, 50% of respondents said that they should be reserved for attendees 18 years and older, the poll shows. About 14% responded that drag shows should be banned and 25% said they should “be allowed for everyone.”

The poll was conducted between April 8 and April 11, according to the results. It has a plus or minus 3.1% margin of error.

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Alexa Schwerha is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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