Carol Swain Tells Fox and Friends Weekend: The Destruction of Monuments is About the Destruction of Our Culture, It Has Nothing to do With Race


Dr. Carol M. Swain appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends Weekend Edition with hosts, Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth this past Saturday to discuss the tearing down of national monuments.

Bila: Welcome everyone. We are now going to bring in Dr. Carol Swain, Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board member and former professor at Vanderbilt University. Welcome, Carol to the show. It’s great to have you here this morning.

Swain: Thank you

Bila: We would all love to get your reaction to President Trump’s executive order to protect those monuments. Was it a good idea?

Swain: It is an excellent idea and in fact, it was needed along time ago. I have been greatly disappointed that state and local officials have not done more to protect private and public property. In most cases, there have not been any consequences for destroying property that belongs to others.

And we saw this happening some years ago. I think the destruction of monuments probably in 2016 and maybe before. And people have gotten away with it for far too long. There have to be consequences. There have to be criminal consequences as well as financial.

Dr. Swain, let me zero you in on the one here in Washington that is of course the Lincoln Emancipation statue. Different than in Richmond going after Robert Lee right? Robert E. Lee and the whole confederacy, we get that. But speak if you will, the need to protect the Lincoln Memorial.

Swain: I mean, the Lincoln Memorial? The President that signed the emancipation proclamation? The destruction of this property is about the destruction of our culture. It has nothing to do with race. And I think people need to realize that. And they’re going after what? Francis Scott Key. They are going after George Washington. Christopher Columbus. Martin Luther King will be next. And I’d like to see what people say about his statue because they can go after him about the information we have about his treatment of women.

Hegseth: Interesting. You are a professor and you understand all of the bad ideas that get laundered in higher education and how they try to push them into pop culture Doctor. One of those professors at John Jay, Erin L. Thompson tweeted this on June 10th.

“I’m a professor who studies the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage. And I just have to say…use chain instead of rope it will go faster.” Is that the overwhelming sentiment of so-called elite schools? Tear America down?

Swain: I don’t know. But there are a lot of leftist professors and department chairs at universities. And you think about the amount of money that parents pay to send their children to get an education. They are not being educated. They are being indoctrinated. I think professors like that should be stripped of their tenure. We don’t need them at universities. They are not doing anything that is constructive. You think about the protests.

Universities cave all the time and respond to the lattice voices and conservatives, Christians, we don’t protest in that kind of way for all kinds of reasons. But people who are determined to destroy America and it goes back to Marxism, Communism, and all of this has a purpose that’s bigger than race in America. Black people are being used at this moment. People of color are being used. But it’s not about them. And they are very foolish to allow people to use them in the way that they are being used. I mean maybe they can do something about it.

Bila: Yes. We both taught at those schools and we know what’s prevalent over there. Unfortunately, eliminating tenure and getting teacher accountability is really hard. But I always encourage parents, you pay those tuitions. Write to those schools and make your voices heard. Believe it or not they care a lot about that money. If you decide you’re going to pull your kids out it makes a big difference.

Swain: Thank you.

Hegseth: Carol Swain, one of the smartest people out there. Thank you so much for your time. Love it.

Swain: Thank you.

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