Canadian Trucker Urges Nationwide Strike over COVID-19 Rules in Viral Video

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In a now-viral video an unidentified man encouraged a national strike in every Canadian business sector, along with active support for those who are opposing COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates in the country.

“You’ve seen what’s happening in Ottawa,” the man, whose face was blurred in the video, said. “Canadians are known around the world to be among the most kind, most peace-loving people anywhere. And so you know when Canadians start rising up by the millions, to oppose what their government is doing, something is horribly wrong.”

After a tense, weeks-long standoff in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital city, police have begun cracking down on the peaceful trucker protestors and their allies, sometimes brutally.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is largely blamed for attempting to put down the peaceful protestors.

“Canadians’ breaking point came when Justin Trudeau effectively put tens of thousands of Canadian truckers out of work with needless vaccine mandates that do not serve the interests of Canadians on any level, especially those who supply Canadians with everything they need,” the man said.

When Trudeau attempted to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates on private sector employees, truckers took exception, leading to the birth of the Canadian Freedom Convoy that clogged Ottawa’s streets for three weeks.

Describing Canada’s elected officials as “tyrants and morons,” the man said instead of listening to the legitimate grievances of his citizens, Trudeau “went into hiding,” saying that he and his family had COVID-19 and could not address the truckers.

That was proof positive, according to the man in the video, of the legitimacy of the protest against vaccine mandates, as Trudeau has had three COVID-19 vaccination shots.

The man noted that Trudeau’s government has effectively imposed martial law, and that it is freezing bank accounts of the protestors and threatening property seizures along with arrests, prison time and fines, cancellation of insurance, and permanent restriction of international travel.

“This heavy-handed response and refusal to listen is the hallmark of a tyrannical leader who cannot rationally be deemed worthy of holding office any longer,” he said.

He then called for a total strike in the trucking industry beginning Monday, February 21, asking truckers to stop hauling freight “until the vaccine mandates are lifted, Justin Trudeau resigns, and/or the Liberal Party of Canada appoints a new leader, and the invocation of the Emergencies Act is revoked by the Canadian Parliament.”

“The government of Canada does not own the people of Canada,” he said.

He asked American truckers to stop hauling freight, too, if they were interested in standing in solidarity with the Canadian Freedom Convoy. He also implored every other Canadian who opposes the mandates to strike beginning on the same day, noting that it is unfair for millions to reap the rewards of the truckers’ protests without making sacrifices themselves.

Many Americans have already answered that call.

Last week, truckers from Tennessee headed north for Buffalo, on the border of Ontario, Canada, in solidarity with their northern counterparts.

That movement is called “Convoy to Save America,” and is headed by a woman called Pennie Fay.

“We are a grassroots movement, mamma bears, papa bears, patriots, of all denominations, of all races, of all religions, of all political views. It’s about getting together as Americans, getting away from the divide, and allowing us to be Americans again and free,” she said at the time.

In Michigan, Ambassador Bridge was jammed with traffic for a full week due to trucker protests. That bridge connects Michigan with Windsor, Ontario, and is one of the two largest land crossings in the between the United States and Canada.

That protest hit the auto industry particularly hard, as the bridge is part of that industry’s main trade route into Canada. Companies like Toyota were forced to scale back production, costing them untold billions of dollars.

Auto plants were finally up and running at full capacity last Monday, as the truckers came to an agreement to disperse the day before.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Trudeau’s crackdown” by RadioGenova.



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