Biden’s First 100 Days: Polling Versus Media Coverage of Getting the Pandemic Under Control

by Kaley Leetaru


RealClear Opinion Research recently conducted a poll about Biden’s first 100 days in office. One of the questions asked was how important it was to get the pandemic under control and public satisfaction with results to date.

The timeline below shows total daily mentions of the pandemic across television news, showing that starting with December 31, 2020, CNN and MSNBC sharply reduced their coverage and have mentioned the pandemic this year far less than last year, while Fox News is largely mentioning it the same number of times each day.

GDELT Project


Similarly, the timeline below shows the total seconds of daily airtime since last year in which CNN’s live Covid-19 dashboard showing infections and death counts was displayed, showing that it too was phased out at the start of this year. RealClear’s poll shows the public wants the pandemic over and while Fox is still mentioning it the same number of times each day, on CNN and MSNBC coverage appears to have sharply pivoted away this year.

GDELT Project

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