Biden Administration Refuses to Release Full Number of Illegal Alien Population

by Eric Lendrum


In an unprecedented move, the Biden White House still has not yet released an official total of the number of illegal aliens who are currently occupying the United States, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Although the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given those numbers to Congress in a report, that report has not yet been made public. Common practice dating back to the Obama Administration has been to release the report publicly shortly after the Congressional briefing, with a focus on the number of possible visa overstays. Congress has warned that “the large number of annual in-country alien overstays threatens national security and the integrity of legal immigration.”

The report in question is formally called the “Entry/Exit Overstay Report,” and documents foreigners who were originally approved to stay in the United States with a visa, but whose visas have since expired. The report is compiled using travel data across multiple agencies, including DHS and the State Department.

“For whatever reason, it appears political appointees are not disclosing a report produced by career subject matter experts,” said Jon Feere, a former senior adviser for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “It’s consistent with the Biden administration’s general hostility to transparency.”

“The message,” Feere continued, “is that all foreigners can ignore visa adjudicators and stay as long as they’d like.”

The refusal to release the numbers is the latest example of the Biden Administration refusing to cooperate with Congress or state authorities on the matter of illegal immigration. Biden has notoriously sided with illegal aliens since he came to power, after repeatedly promising during the 2020 campaign to give taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals, including free healthcare and free education, and to push for greater amnesty efforts.

Since taking office, the southern border has been plagued by a record surge of illegal aliens flooding into the country, with many of them turning themselves in to federal immigration authorities, expecting to be released. The spike in illegal immigration has led to numerous additional crises within the United States, including a labor crisis among domestic workers who cannot compete with the cheap, low-skilled labor of such aliens, as well as a health crisis due to many of the illegals being unvaccinated and carrying numerous diseases with them.

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