45th President Donald Trump at Press Conference Announcing Big Tech Lawsuit: ‘The Credibility of the Mainstream Media Is the Lowest It’s Ever Been’


BEDMINSTER, New Jersey – (The Star News Network Wire Service) – During the question and answer period of former President Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, in which he announced the filing of a class action lawsuit against Big Tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter, in addition to their  CEOs, for violations of the First Amendment, the former president took a shot at the mainstream media as well.

“What’s your position on public broadcasting NPR, who also seem to filling the same kind of role [as Big Tech] for a certain [political] side,” The Star News Network asked the former president.

“That’s such a great question. They are terrible. They are terrible. It’s not only what they say, it’s what they don’t say,” Trump responded.

“For instance, I was informed that there are record numbers of murders took place this weekend they don’t even talk about it on NBC, CBS and ABC and NPR. They don’t talk about it. And, it’s a big story. That’s why the credibility of the mainstream media is the lowest it’s ever been. Lowest it’s ever been,” the former president continued, adding:

You know I hate to take credit for this, but I’m very proud that I exposed them for what they are. They are terrible, terrible, representatives of our country. They don’t talk about crime. They don’t talk about Chicago, 216 people shot this weekend.

In Afghanistan, you know we didn’t lose one soldier in the last more than a year. I will say that was largely because of me, but I won’t want to take credit, but the good news is I won’t be given credit either. We haven’t lost a soldier.

Think of it: 260 people shot in Chicago. Massive numbers of people shot in New York. And, they don’t prosecute these people. These are killers. They don’t prosecute these people.

They only go after Republicans.

It’s a terrible thing that’s happening to our country and a very dangerous thing and a very good question.

It was a point that Trump went back to, as he made a concerned plea to the mainstream media in his closing just before concluding the event.

“And the other thing I would just ask is that the MSM go back and do please discuss the horrors of what’s going on in all cases Democrat-run cities the hundreds and hundreds of people that are being killed on a weekly and monthly basis so that people will do something about it.

Trump called what has happened in certain cities, where there has been the loss of human life on a weekly basis, “a horrible thing.”

He said that in order to get credibility back, newscasts need to change.

“By you not talking about it, you’re not helping Biden.  You’re not helping Democrats.  You’re hurting the country,” the former president concluded.

Those wishing to join in the class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter can go to the website takeonbigtech.com.

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