Georgia House Hopeful: ‘Trump Paved the Way’

The Star News Network‘s National Political Editor Neil W. McCabe spoke to Congressional candidate for GA-10 Mike Collins about why he is running, the forgotten men and women of America, and bringing back the Trump economy.


McCabe: When Georgia Republican Congressman Jody Hice announced his run for Georgia Secretary of State, he opened up the race for his own Georgia 10 House seat.

Businessman Mike Collins told The Star News Network that he decided to throw his hat in the ring for the seat while on a trip to Ohio.

Collins: Those people kept asking what to do, what do we need to do? And I kept telling them to get involved and run for things. There I was with people asking me to run, me saying I’m gonna do something different, me asking them to run.

So you know, on that flight home that night I thought, man, you know,
I’ve been asking these people to get involved, and that’s what I need to do.

McCabe: Collins, who started his trucking business more than 30 years ago, credits President Donald J. Trump for his desire to get involved.

Collins: President Trump paved the way, you know, for what we feel is just average businesspeople that aren’t involved in politics to put their business to the side and go and serve. And that fits us to a T.

McCabe: The trucking entrepreneur said in Congress he’ll work to bring back the Trump economy.

Collins: You know I’ve been in business for four years that Trump was here. I’ve been in business for over 30 years, so I’ve been through a number of administrations, and my gosh, we were humming like a sewing machine during Trump’s administration.

McCabe: He also appreciates that Trump is for the forgotten man, he said.

Collins: This guy gets out there and mills among the people. Just average blue-collar people. You know, like they said, just the forgotten men and women of America that are out there working their butts off every day. They just want to get up, go to work, provide for their family, go to church on Sunday, and they just want to be left alone

McCabe: Mike Collins is in a tough race against the Trump-endorsed Vernon Jones, who dropped out of the governor’s race to clear the field for former Senator David Perdue, at the request of President Trump. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Atlanta, Georgia.

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