Anti-Woke Group Targets American Express for Racial Hiring Quotas, ‘Racism’ Training

by Eric Lendrum


An activist group dedicated to targeting race-based “woke” policies in major American companies has set its sights on the credit card company American Express, with an ad blitz calling out the company’s recent emphasis on race-based hiring.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the group Color Us United announced on Monday that it would be launching an ad campaign against American Express, spending up to $500,000 on the public relations blitz calling out the company’s “harmful woke policies,” and branding the company as “Un-American Express.”

In recent years, American Express has focused more on hiring non-White employees, as well as forcing all current employees to undergo training which claims that “capitalism is racist.” Following the race riots in the summer of 2020, the company launched its own “Anti-Racism Initiative” and hired outside consulting to host training sessions on “White privilege” for its employees.

A handful of anonymous American Express employees, including current and former workers, have said that the company’s senior leadership has been regularly discriminating against White employees when considering new hires and promotions. One employee was told by an executive that it would be “very rare” for the company to promote a White person to a leadership role.

“How can a company like American Express claim the ‘American’ part of its name if it consistently drives policies that are incredibly un-American—like promoting the idea that ‘capitalism is racist’ and offering bonuses for people to hire by race?” said Kenny Xu, president of Color Us United.

“Our choice to brand the company Un-American Express is designed to be a wake-up call to the company: Most Americans oppose politics and divisive worldviews in the workplace,” Xu continued.

Color Us United is one of several organizations that was founded in response to the rise of Critical Race Theory (CRT), the far-left and widely debunked theory that all White people are racist, and that America is an inherently racist nation, following the riots of 2020. Spokesman Christian Watson said that the group has over 10,000 subscribers to its email list, and as such the group is currently seeking 10,000 signatures for its petition campaign against American Express.

“No individual should be judged on the color of their skin or their group status,” said Watson. “Not only does this create a toxic workplace, but it also rejects everything America stands upon.”

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “American Express Building” by Beyond My Ken. CC BY 1.0.




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