LeVell: 2020 Election in Georgia ‘Was the Perfect Storm’

Bruce LeVell

The Star News Network‘s National Political Editor, Neil W. McCabe, spoke to former Diversity Advisor to former President Trump about the remaining sentiment of conservative black voters that feel the election was taken from them.

McCabe: Georgia conservatives are still reeling from the botched 2020 election. Bruce LeVell, a senior diversity advisor to President Donald J. Trump, told the Star News network why it is still raw.

LeVell: It was a perfect storm of having ballot boxes placed on a competent, you know, and not having ‘chain of custody.’ That’s fair, and that should be for Democrats and Republicans and just for our country in general. We can’t have that in our voting system, period.

McCabe: LeVell said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others rewrote the rulebook to defeat Trump in Georgia.

LeVell: It’s proven, it’s factual that Zuckerberg put 300-plus million dollars in our election process. The Democrats don’t deny it, obviously. I said this from day one, the problem here in Georgia is Kemp didn’t call the special session.

McCabe: For Trump’s black supporters. the 2020 election was a step backwards, LeVell said.

LeVell: Everything that my uncles and aunts fought for, Neil, in the South – you go down the civil rights museum, you see my uncle’s mug shot up there in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was that ability for us, especially guys who look like me, to go to the polls without bullhorns and the dogs and the intimidation. And then when we get there, “oh, no, no, not that one that says Trump on it. We want you to push this one.”

McCabe: Beyond the facts on the ground there was an emotional touch and feel he said.

LeVell: The boss knows, which is Donald Trump, President Donald John Trump, 45th president of the United States, he knows a loss and he knows a win. He knows. And he feels, and all 80 million of us feel, that wasn’t a legit win, and I’m sorry, people can get upset.

McCabe: Dunwoody businessman Bruce LeVell continues to advise Trump, and he is working to elect the president’s endorsed Georgia candidates. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Dunwoody, Georgia.

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