Court Injunction to Clear Ambassador Bridge Draws More Protestors

group of people protesting


After an Ontario Superior Court judge issued an injunction ordering Freedom Convoy protestors at Ambassador Bridge to disburse, more protestors showed up in defiance of the order.

The order, handed down Friday afternoon, told protestors to clear the bridge or be arrested. Police officers from across the province reportedly swarmed to the area.

But protestors refused to back down.

“Protestors have just held a vote at the Ambassador Bridge blockade, they’ve voted to stay and link arms when the court issued injunction kicks in at 7pm tonight,” Adrian Ghobrial of CityNews reported.

Despite the judge’s order, the cavalry never came to take the protestors away. Instead, just the opposite happened. More protestors arrived.

“The court-ordered injunction at the Ambassador Bridge has kicked in and there’s more protestors here now than at any other point this week,” Ghobrial said. “They’re streaming in by the dozens. It’s hard to see police stepping in at this hour with so many people here celebrating, and carrying on.”

The Canadian government has floundered in response to the Freedom Convoy, which has occupied Ottawa for weeks. It has not fared any better with the protestors at Ambassador Bridge, which remains jammed for the sixth straight day.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued strongly-worded messages via social media, but little more.

“Make no mistake: The border cannot, and will not, remain closed. Every option is on the table. So, if you’re participating in these illegal blockades that are taking our neighbourhoods and our economy hostage, it’s time to go home – especially if you have your kids with you,” he said Friday afternoon.

He issued a similar message only a few hours later.

“Today, I shared a clear message to those taking part in illegal blockades and occupations: We’ve heard you. But there are consequences for breaking the law, and those consequences are becoming increasingly severe. It’s time to go home to your communities,” he said.

Ambassador Bridge is one of the two major land crossings between the United States and Canada.

Its congestion has brought international trade via that crossing to a grinding halt, much to the dismay of American politicians too, who joined their Canadian counterparts in issuing strongly worded messages.

Ambassador Bridge is a particularly crucial juncture for the auto industry, which has been forced to ramp down production during the protest.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Michigan Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Ambassador Bridge blockade” by Adrian Ghobrial.



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