War Room: Pandemic’s Steve Bannon Interviews Pete D’Abrosca of The Michigan Star, Talks Canadian Freedom Convoy Truths


Stephen K. Bannon welcomed The Michigan Star reporter Pete D’Abrosca on Thursday’s War Room: Pandemic to discuss his recent article, which addresses how the Canadian freedom convoy of truckers has spread to Windsor, creating standstill traffic on the heavily traveled Ambassador Bridge, dispelling falsehoods by left-wing media outlets.

Bannon: Let’s shift. Pete D’Abrosca has got a great story up. Let’s put that up and put it in all the chat rooms and The Michigan Star about what’s going on.

So this is five hours away from Ottawa, and it’s, I don’t know, six or seven or eight or 10 hours away from Alberta, where they shut down the passage to Montana. What is going on at this bridge right now, Pete?

D’Abrosca: I think it’s important to note, Stephen – thanks for having me – that this is a bridge from Ports Huron and on into Windsor. It’s the second or one of the two largest international shipping routes by land into Canada from the United States.

As you said, it’s the largest auto shipping route. So the auto industry is really the one that’s hurting most from this. But I think really, most importantly, the fact that it’s backed up in Windsor and not Ottawa. I think we’re focusing a lot on Ottawa in this protest.

It’s kind of where the epicenter is. It’s the capital, of course, city of Canada. And I think we’re focusing a lot on that. But the fact that this protest has spread to Windsor, which is hundreds and hundreds of miles away, is kind of amazing.

And it sort of makes CNN look foolish to downplay it like they did last night. Daniel Dale is burying his head in the sand, as he so often does. I think that it’s the opposite of what Jake Tapper said. If it wasn’t a big deal, they wouldn’t need to downplay it. So clearly, there’s a massive effect that these truckers are having.

Bannon: From your estimate, how much is it backed up now? I’ve heard five or six hours. I’ve heard seven or eight hours. One thing I can tell you, it’s more than hundreds of trucks. You’ve got thousands of trucks from Parliament Hill in Ottawa to the Ambassador Bridge complex down in Windsor … Port Huron all the way to the Alberta-Montana crossing, where the agricultural products, the beef products go across. This is a massive undertaking that’s self-organizing. What are you hearing about the time and how much is slowed down going across the bridge?

D’Abrosca: The current data that I read before I came on the show, it’s listed as standstill traffic. And earlier this morning when I was writing the article so this is 8 hours ago – I was talking about it was also standstill traffic.

This traffic jam has been going on. This is the fourth full day of truckers on the ground there. They’ve said that they have never seen anything like this before on the Ambassador Bridge.

These are folks that travel back and forth all the time. And this is the first time they’ve ever seen traffic like this. Again, massive impact from these protests that the left-wing media really wants to play down, but they won’t be able to play it down.

There’s already supply chain issues, and this is compounding those issues. And even if it is just a few truckers, that’s actually bad news for them. Because if more truckers join, God only knows what can happen from there.

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