Whitmer to Deliver State of the State Address Remotely, Cites Safety Concerns


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer will deliver the annual State of the State address remotely, according to a release from her office.

The top executive detailed the event, scheduled for January 26, will be held virtually “to ensure everyone can safely partake” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The State of the State address is a tradition rooted in history. It is an opportunity for Michiganders to hear about the work of state government and see Republicans and Democrats come together to focus on the issues that will put Michigan families, communities, and small businesses first. This year, we’ve agreed that the State of the State address should once again be held remotely to ensure everyone can safely partake in this time-honored event,” Whitmer said in a joint statement with House Speaker Jason Wentworth.

In recent weeks, the state has witnessed a spike in positive coronavirus cases, as health officials point to the prominence of the Omicron variant as fuel for the high case count.

However, studies have suggested that the new variant poses less risk for severe illness and hospitalization.

The governor has also allowed multiple school districts across the state to stop in-person learning, impacting approximately 100,000 students.

Previously, she rejected a bill passed by the legislature to increase funding for families impacted by school closures.

“Gov. Whitmer vetoed scholarships that parents could have used to send their children to open schools and hire reading tutors,” said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “Now, at least 95,000 students are locked out of their classrooms on Gov. Whitmer’s watch. It’s time to put parents in charge of their kids’ education funds and let them decide which school is the best place for their kids to learn.”

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2 Thoughts to “Whitmer to Deliver State of the State Address Remotely, Cites Safety Concerns”

  1. Chuck

    The state of all states in America is not good. Some are worse than others. Michigan is near the top of the list for states in the worst condition. Whitmer has done nothing to make life better for Michigan residents. In fact, she has intentionally and willfully acted to make life worse. The Michigan Supreme Court had to tell her not once, but twice, that she (an attorney, that should have needed to be told even once) was violating the State Constitution. And then, she had her underlings commit the very same offense under similar faulty legislation. Even worse, too many in law enforcement in that state enforced the resulting dictates, violating state and federal law in the process. There is so much cleaning up to do.

  2. Bill Cate

    And how do we “see Republicans and Democrats come together” when they’re not even in the same room? Fear is what governs our state.