Former President Trump, Tudor Dixon Highlight Zuckerberg Election Influence Based on Michigan Star Report


Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday highlighted an opinion piece from Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon.

Encouraging individuals to read the piece, Trump linked Dixon’s piece that called for action based on a report from The Michigan Star.

The report detailed, “A Mark Zuckerberg-funded nonprofit, the Center for Election Innovation and Research, gave a virtually inactive Michigan nonprofit, The Michigan Center for Election Law and Administration, a $12 million grant in September 2020 for the putative purpose of helping voters figure out how to navigate the supposed complexities of mail-in ballots.”

Furthermore, “Ninety-nine percent of the $12 million grant – more than $11.8 million – was used to pay two highly partisan Democrat political consulting firms, according to the Michigan Center for Election Law and Administration (MCELA) Form 990 for the year 2020 filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May of this year.”

Therefore, in her op-ed, Dixon called on lawmakers to investigate Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and the funding.

“It is illegal for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to engage in partisan political activity. Did these firms educate all voters or just the ones they wanted to turn out for Joe Biden? We don’t know. Once the money flowed through the nonprofit to the consulting firms, it became untraceable. The Michigan House Oversight Committee needs to launch an immediate investigation into Benson’s questionable dealings with this nonprofit and get to the bottom of why Zuckerberg’s “voter education” money was directed to this organization rather, say, than directly to her agency where it would have been subjected to public oversight (assuming it should have been received at all),” Dixon wrote.

“The Michigan House Oversight Committee has the power to subpoena documents and should get to the bottom of what Jocelyn Benson knew and when she knew it. More importantly, they need to determine whether Mark Zuckerberg’s cash influenced Michigan’s 2020 election, and if so, to what extent.”

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Photo “Tudor Dixon” by Tudor Dixon. 
Background Photo “Voting Booths” by Tim Evanson. CC BY-SA 2.0.






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