Medical Journal Declares That Parents Should Lose Their Authority to Object to Transgender Surgery for Children

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by Eric Lendrum


A major medical journal in the United States is facing widespread criticism after it published an article declaring that parents should lose their “veto power” to object to their children trying to seek gender-altering surgical procedures, Breitbart reports.

The Journal of Medical Ethics published an article titled “LGBT testimony and the limits of trust,” authored by Dr. Maura Priest, a professor of philosophy and bioethics at Arizona State University (ASU). In the article, Priest claims that “it is no longer the job of physicians to do their own weighing of the costs and benefits of transition-related care,” as “only the patient can make this assessment, because only the patient has access to the true weight of transition-related benefits.”

Furthermore, Priest declares that “taking LGBT patient testimony seriously also means that parents should lose veto power over most transition-related pediatric care.” Priest had expanded on this assertion in a pre-publication draft, where she said that “guardian veto power over identity-affirming care [results] in injustice whenever such power means one trans child is denied the care that another receives.”

The article was called out for its authoritarian overtones by numerous commentators on social media. Daily Wire host Elisha Krauss said that “if you want to change my child mentally, hormonally, and physically, you’re going to have to go through me.” Author Tom Quiggin declared that “they are out to get your children,” while commentator Derek Hunter said that “leftists want everyone to be wards of the state.”

The mainstreaming of the idea of “transgenderism” – the false notion that anyone can suddenly change their gender whenever they feel like it, as well as the debunked idea that there are more than two genders – has led to the Left promoting greater sexual autonomy among minors. At a town hall event in October last year before the election, then-candidate Joe Biden responded to an audience member’s question by affirming his belief that children as young as eight years old should be allowed to undergo gender-altering surgeries.

There have been numerous instances of parents attempting to object to their children seeking gender-altering procedures, having been indoctrinated by schools and other institutions, and being shut down by the powers of the state. Since Biden took power, numerous states have pushed back on some elements of the transgender agenda, including numerous bills – some passed into law – to ban so-called “transgender” athletes from competing in sports on teams of the opposite gender.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
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