Dash Cam Shows Drunk Michigan Dem Resisting Arrest, Invoking Whitmer’s Name

Police arrest screen cap


Police dash camera video of the recent arrest of state Rep. Jewell Jones (D-MI-11) shows the drunken 25-year-old resisting arrest, and invoking the name of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) as a threat to the arresting officers.

In the video, police attempt to obtain Jones’ driver’s license, which he refuses to give them. Eventually, he begins struggling with the two arresting officers, ending up detained in the grass on the side of I-96.

“It’s not going to be good for you. I’m telling you,” he yells at police during the struggle. “I run y’alls budget, bro.”

“When I call Gretchen, I’ll need y’alls IDs and badge numbers, everything,” he said later in the video, referring to the Michigan Governor.

Star News Education Foundation Journalism ProjectJones was arrested on April 6 after he crashed his Chevy Tahoe while allegedly driving drunk.

He has been charged with resisting and obstructing a police officer, operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol content, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, possession of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol, and reckless driving, according to Metro Times. He faces up to two years in prison.

Citing MIRS News, which obtained a police report from the incident, the Michigan GOP blasted Jones on Twitter, providing further details of his arrest to the public.

The group described 911 calls from concerned motorists who witnessed Jewell’s car speeding down the highway, and a salacious scene involving a female passenger who was riding with Jones at the time of the crash:

The woman was “unable to stand on her own and was essentially unresponsive,” according to a later tweet from the Michigan GOP. An ambulance can be seen in the dash camera video of Jones’ arrest.

“I have hope in a brighter future and faith in our ability make it happen. As we all come together, our strengths and weaknesses build the chorus of change and progress,” says Jone’s official page on the state House website. “Our movement is made up of individual voices, but when we speak together, the sound is deafening.”

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