War Room: Steve Bannon Examines the Breaking of America’s Sovereignty Through the Southern Border


Stephen K. Bannon discusses the radical Democrats’ plan on War Room: Pandemic radio show to break the sovereignty of the United States of America through piecemealing an unpassable immigration bill that dismantles the southern border.


This is why it’s not going to bring unity. There is not going to be unity because of the radical nature of this Biden administration. There is a Rasmussen poll out today, we’ll get you the details in a little while. I think it’s 54 to 40 people think he’s a puppet of big business and the radical left. And then today, people now getting through this bill, this immigration bill, it’s not even about amnesty. It’s about breaking the sovereignty of the United States of America.

At the same time, he’s going to address the G7. This is the personification of the managed decline of our country by these elites. This bill is so radical, so radical, breathtaking in how radical it is. We’re going to go through it. And this bill is also DOA. Dead on arrival. Impossible to get this bill passed. Okay, so why are they doing it? They are doing it because what they want to do is break it up into pieces and still get some of the radical nature of it passed in pieces.

There is zero chance this can pass. And here’s the thing. This bill is the tool of Wall Street and the global corporations. This is to flood the zone at every level. From unskilled workers all the way up to tech workers. The current generation, the millennial generation, and the generation after them want to be Russian serfs? This is the bill to do it. And if you don’t think it’s having an impact immediately, we’re bringing back Todd Bensman the senior fellow over at Center for Immigration Studies in which we have Steve Cammarata and Mark Krikorian coming on later to analyze the bill.

The senior fellow there for national security wrote this amazing book. America’s Covert Border War. That everybody should get it. It talks about the Jihadists trying to come across the border. But then he’s got an article up this morning that’s breathtaking about immigrants massing in northern Mexico. Massing in northern Mexico to come across because of Biden’s policies. And they know the new Biden policies.

A crisis is coming now at the southern border because of Joe Biden and these radical radical radical Democrats. And Todd Bensman who’s been all over Mexican media because the mainstream media is not reporting this. And even the conservative media is not doing a great job of this. We’ve been talking about this for a week. Signal not noise. Don’t be chasing these daily stories about the noise. All these stories are about noise. This is signal. This is what they are trying to do to break the sovereignty of this country.

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