BOMBSHELL: Vatican Whistleblower Archbishop Viganò Tells Bannon Why Trump’s Leadership Key to Defeated Deep State, Deep Church & Pope Francis’ Alliance with Red China


The former papal nuncio to the United States, now a retired archbishop, told Stephen K. Bannon that if Joseph R. Biden Jr., becomes the president Jan. 20, it is one more step in the linkage of the so-called Deep State, the Deep Church and the ultimate primacy of the Chinese Communist Party.

“It would be an irreparable disaster if Joe Biden, who is heavily suspected of being complicit with the Chinese dictatorship, would be designated as President of the United States,” said Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who from 2011 to 2016 served at the Holy See’s ambassador to the Washington, a role that also made him the principal liaison between the American bishops and the pope and the Vatican bureaucracy.

The archbishop said he was troubled by the power of the mainstream media to overwhelm legitimate questions about the 2020 presidential election.

The rest of the world is watching to see if America and its democratic system will hold up, he said. “If it allows the idea to spread among the masses that the electoral choice of the citizens – the first expression of democracy – can be manipulated and thwarted, it will be complicit in the fraud, and will certainly deserve the execration of the entire world, which looks to America as a nation which has fought for and defended its freedom.”

Bannon, the host of the “Bannon’s War Room,” asked the former Vatican diplomat: “Against all odds, average Americans are fighting to expose the massive and coordinated theft of our election: What advice would you give to our recalcitrant politicians about what is at stake for our nation and the world if we submit to this theft?”

Viganò said the fight to secure President Donald J. Trump as the legitimate winner of 2020 presidential election is the fight to see if America itself survives.

“Each one of us has a role that Providence has entrusted to us, and which it would be culpable to shrink from. If the United States misses this opportunity, now, it will be wiped out from history,” he said.

If Biden is sworn in as president, eventually, the former vice president will be discarded, once the securing of the government is complete, the archbishop said. “I think of the fact that, incontestably, he is only a puppet in the hands of the elite, who are ready to remove him as soon they decide to replace him with Kamala Harris.”

Bannon, who was raised in a traditional Irish-Catholic family in Richmond, Virginia, interviewed the former nuncio Jan. 1 and Viganò’s answers to his questions were validated on the archbishop’s episcopal stationery with his signature.

Viganò: Pope Francis’ support of ‘self-styled Catholic Joe Biden’ is ‘antichristic’

Bannon, himself a veteran of the U.S. Navy, Goldman Sachs and Hollywood before taking over Breitbart News upon the 2012 death of its founder Andrew Breitbart, pressed Viganò on Trump’s role restoring Catholicism and defeating the Great Reset.

“You seem to suggest that the Trump Administration could be instrumental in helping to return the Church to a pre-Francis Catholicism,” Bannon said. “How does the Trump Administration accomplish that, and how can American Catholics work to save the world from this globalist reset?”

The archbishop said Pope Francis is overt about his intentions and his criticism of Trump confirms the president’s importance in the fight against the Great Reset.

“Bergoglio’s subservience to the globalist agenda is obvious, as well as his active support for the election of Joe Biden,” he said.

“In the same way, Bergoglio’s hostility to Trump and his repeated attacks against the President are evident,” he said. “It is clear that Bergoglio considers Trump as his principal adversary, the obstacle that needs to be removed, so that the Great Reset can be put in motion.”

Viganò told Bannon there is a clear choice.

“On the one hand we have the Trump administration and the traditional values that it holds in common with those of Catholics; on the other hand we have the deep state of the self-styled Catholic Joe Biden, who is subservient to the globalist ideology and its perverse, anti-human, antichristic, infernal agenda.”

The prelate, who was born under the fascism regime of Benito Mussolini and turns 80 Jan.16, said the faithful in the United States need to fight now the future they want for their Church, their country and the world.

“American Catholics still have time to denounce this global subversion and stop the establishment of the New Order: let them think about what sort of future they want for the coming generations, and of the destruction of society,” he said.

“Let them think about the responsibility that they have before God, their children, and their nation: as Catholics, as fathers and mothers of their families, and as patriots.”

Viganò revealed Pope Francis’ secret handling of McCarrick’s sex crimes, lifting of sanctions imposed by Pope Benedict XVI

Viganò walked onto the international stage in August 2018, when released an 11-page narrative detailing how Pope Francis lifted sanctions on then-cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick put upon him by Pope Benedict XVI after he received reports of McCarrick’s sexual exploitation of seminarians. At the end of his narrative, the former Vatican diplomat called on Pope Francis to resign.

In the preceding month, the Pope Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals and he remanded the former archbishop of Washington to a life of monastic contemplation.

One New York Times headline captured the scandal thus: “He Preyed on Men Who Wanted to Be Priests. Then He Became a Cardinal.

Later, a Vatican panel of 20 prelates voted to laicize McCarrick, or remove his priestly faculties, a move Pope Francis, who was Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio before his elevation to replace the resigning Pope Benedict XVI, said he recognized, but was powerless to reverse.

Viganò: Pope Francis, Cardinal McCarrick sold out faithful Chinese Catholics

In the two years since he began exposing the complicity of Catholic leaders in the covering up the sexual crimes of McCarrick, Viganò has gone further to reveal the corrupt intentions of Pope Francis and his faction inside the Church hierarchy to ally with the Chinese Communist Party—in order to achieve the “Great Reset,” an international order dominated by Beijing with the spiritual trappings provided by Rome.

“The dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party is allied to the global deep state, on the one hand so that together they can attain the goals that they have in common, on the other hand because the plans for the Great Reset are an opportunity to increase the economic power of China in the world, beginning with the invasion of national markets,” Viganò said.

“At the same time that it pursues this project in its foreign policy, China is pursuing a domestic plan to restore the Maoist tyranny, which requires the cancellation of religions, primarily the Catholic religion, replacing them with a religion of the State which definitely has many elements in common with the universal religion desired by globalist ideology, whose spiritual leader is Bergoglio,” he said.

The archbishop said Chinese may have also played a role in Bergoglio’s election to the papacy.

“The suspicions that the resignation of Benedict XVI involved China are quite strong and coherent with the picture that has been emerging in recent months,” he said.

“It is to be hoped that any proof of such crimes that is in the possession of the secret services would be brought to light, especially in relation to the true motives that led to the resignation of Benedict XVI and the conspiracies underlying the election of Bergoglio, thereby permitting the expulsion of the mercenaries who have seized control of the Church,” he said.

Viganò told Bannon, who was the executive chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign and also served at Trump’s Chief White House Strategist, that Pope Francis’ pursuit of a concordat with the Chinese government is also a rejection of the Underground Church that has refused to join the Communist Party-sponsored Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. The spiritual father of the Underground Church is Cardinal Joseph Zen, the retired archbishop of Hong Kong.

The Vatican and the Chinese government are currently working under a provisional concordat, negotiated by McCarrick and assented to by Pope Francis and Beijing in September 2018 – less than two months after McCarrick’s downfall.

Instead of backing the faithful Chinese Catholics, who stood for the true church since the 1951 founding of the CCPA, Pope Francis has embraced the very regime persecuting the faithful, he said.

“Thus, we find ourselves faced with an infamous betrayal of the mission of the Church of Christ, carried out by her highest leaders in open conflict with those members of the Chinese Catholic” underground hierarchy who have remained faithful to Our Lord and to His Church,” Viganò said. “My affectioned thoughts and prayers are with them and with Cardinal Zen, an eminent confessor of the faith, whom Bergoglio recently shamefully refused to receive.”

Bannon asked the archbishop directly: “Now that the Vatican has renewed its insidious secret agreement with China, a deal which you have repeatedly condemned as promoted by Bergoglio with the assistance of McCarrick, what can the “children of light” of the Great Awakening concretely do to undermine this unholy alliance with this brutal Communist regime?”

Viganò was also direct in his answer.

“The complicity of Bergoglio’s deep church in this infernal project has deprived Chinese Catholics of the indefectible defense that the Papacy had always been for them,” the archbishop said.

“Up until the papacy of Benedict XVI, the papacy had not made any agreements with the Beijing dictatorship, and the Roman Pontiff retained the exclusive right to appoint bishops and govern dioceses,” said the archbishop whom Pope St. John Paul II consecrated a bishop in 1992.

Viganò title of archbishop simply means that he was a bishop with greater responsibility, such as in his case his senior positions inside the Vatican’s diplomatic service. Bishops and archbishops have the same faculties, as do cardinals, who are bishops selected by the pope to join the College of Cardinals, the body that elects popes.

Central to the conflict between the Holy See and Beijing is the selection of bishops. The Church asserts that it was founded by the Apostles, who having been consecrated by Jesus Christ had the authority to consecrate others. This doctrine of Apostolic Succession holds that the bishops are the heirs to the Apostles, thus only properly consecrated bishops have the authority to consecrate other bishops, and by extension ordain priests.

If the Vatican cedes to the atheist Chinese Communist Party to authority to select and consecrate bishop, it is rejecting its legacy back to the Apostles and Christ himself, the so-called Line of Peter, and its claim to be the one, true Church is rendered absurd.

Viganò: Trump stands with faithful Chinese Catholics

The archbishop, who was born in Varese, Italy, a small city roughly 30 miles north of Milan at the foot of the Italian Alps, told Bannon President Donald J. Trump understands the plight of the Underground Church in China and has taken up its cause.

“We believers must act on the spiritual level by fervent prayer, asking God to give special protection to the Church in China, and also by continually denouncing the aberrations carried out by the Chinese regime,” Viganò said.

“This action must be accompanied by a work of raising awareness within governments and international institutions that have not been compromised by the Chinese communist dictatorship, so that the violations of human rights and the attacks on the freedom of the Catholic Church in China may be denounced and punished with sanctions and strong diplomatic pressure,” he said.

“This is the line that President Trump is pursuing with decisive courage,” he said.

Viganò said to Bannon that both politicians and religious leaders have been coopted by the Chinese Communists.

“Beijing’s complicity with political and religious elements that are involved in murky operations of speculation and corruption must likewise be exposed,” he said. “These profit-driven dealings constitute a very grave act of treason by politicians and public officials against their nation and also a grave betrayal of the Church by the men who lead her.”

Another example of this corruption is eagerness of the European Union to expand its business ties with Beijing, he said.

“I also think that in some cases this betrayal is not only carried out by individuals but also by the institutions themselves, as in the case of the European Union, which is currently finalizing a commercial agreement with China despite its systematic violation of human rights and its violent repression of dissent,” the archbishop said.

Viganò: Trump’s leadership is key to defeating the ‘Great Reset’

Viganò wrote to President Donald J. Trump in his letter, written Oct. 25, the Feast of Christ the King, to encourage him and to give him more details about the Great Reset thank him for his leadership against the forces of evil.

In the letter, the archbishop told Trump: “A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. In several nations this plan has already been approved and financed; in others it is still in an early stage.”

Viganò told the president he would receive all the blessings and graces he would need to oppose the Great Reset in the clash between the children of darkness and the children of light.

“This Great Reset is destined to fail because those who planned it do not understand that there are still people ready to take to the streets to defend their rights, to protect their loved ones, to give a future to their children and grandchildren. The leveling inhumanity of the globalist project will shatter miserably in the face of the firm and courageous opposition of the children of Light,” he wrote.

“The enemy has Satan on its side, He who only knows how to hate, but on our side, we have the Lord Almighty, the God of armies arrayed for battle, and the Most Holy Virgin, who will crush the head of the ancient Serpent,” he wrote.

In their Jan. 1 interview, Bannon told the archbishop he was curious about his Christ the King letter: “You spoke of the efforts of the deep state as ‘the final assault of the children of darkness.’ There is a concerted effort by the globalists and their media partners to conceal and obscure the true tyrannical agenda implicit in the Great Reset, by calling it a wild conspiracy theory.”

Then, Bannon asked the prelate: “What would you say to the skeptics who blissfully ignore the signs and plan to submit humanity to the domination of the global elites?”

The former Vatican diplomat told Bannon the mainstream media is an indispensable ally of the global elites and their plans for the Great Reset.

“The media corporations are almost all actively part of the deep state and know that the power that will be guaranteed to them in the future depends exclusively on their slavish adherence to its agenda,” he said.

“Labeling those who denounce the existence of a conspiracy as ‘conspiracy theorists’ confirms, if anything, that this conspiracy exists, and that its authors are very upset at having been found out and reported to public opinion,” he said. “It is enough to read the globalists’ declarations to understand that the conspiracy exists and that they pride themselves on being its architects, to the point of admitting the need for a pandemic in order to reach their objectives of social engineering.”

The archbishop said skeptics need to consider the logical conclusion of the policies advocated for us by the elites.

“Families without father and mother, polyamory, sodomy, children who can change their sex, the cancellation of Religion and the imposition of an infernal cult, abortion and euthanasia, the abolition of private property, a health dictatorship, a perpetual pandemic,” he said. “Is this the world that we want, that you want for yourselves, your children and your family and friends?”

Given all that has happened since Nov. 3, Bannon asked what his message was to those who are discouraged?

“You have been very confident that God desires a Trump victory in order to defeat the forces of evil inherent in the globalists’ Great Reset,” he said. “What would you say to convince the naysayers who are ambivalent to the idea that this is a momentous battle between the children of light and the children of darkness?”

Vigano told Bannon that all he has to do is look at Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D.-Calif.) and he remains confident in the ultimate victory—even if Biden is sworn in as president.

“I simply consider who Trump’s adversary is and his numerous ties to China, the deep state, and the advocates of globalist ideology,” he said. “I think of his intention to condemn us all to wear masks, as he has candidly admitted. I think of the fact that, incontestably, he is only a puppet in the hands of the elite, who are ready to remove him as soon they decide to replace him with Kamala Harris.”

The archbishop said if the contested election of 2020 is not resolved, the Biden-Harris administration will be not be recognized as legitimate.

“Beyond the political alignments, we must further understand that – above all in a complex situation like the present one – it is essential that the victory of the one who is elected President must be guaranteed in its absolute legal legitimacy, avoiding any suspicion of fraud and taking note of the overwhelming evidence of irregularities that has emerged in several states,” he said.

“A President who is simply proclaimed as such by the mainstream media affiliated with the deep state would be deprived of all legitimacy and would expose the nation to dangerous foreign interference, as has already been shown to have happened in the current election,” he said.

Bannon: Who else is it part of the Deep Church?

The Catholic Church, like all institutions is made up of factions. Bannon asked the archbishop: “You have repeatedly warned that the ‘deep state’ and ‘deep church’ have colluded to plot in various ways to overthrow Benedict as well as President Trump. Besides Theodore McCarrick, who else is behind this infernal alliance, and how do Catholics undermine and expose it?”

Viganò said McCarrick was joined by confederates.

“It is apparent that McCarrick acted on behalf of the deep state and the deep church, but he certainly did not do it alone,” he said. “All of his activity suggests a very efficient organizational structure composed of people whom McCarrick had promoted and covered by other accomplices.”

The former nuncio said he is aware of the St. Gallen Mafia.

This group of reformist bishops now led by Bishop Ivo Furer, the bishop of St. Gallen, Switzerland, is said to have worked as a voting bloc in the 2005 conclave held to choose Pope St. John Paul II successor. Together, this group worked to block the election of the conservative Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger by pooling their votes for a new reformist cardinal from Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005 and took the regnal name Pope Benedict XVI. Benedict’s mysterious 2013 resignation led to the elevation of Bergoglio to become Pope Francis.

Viganò told Bannon: “The events that led to the resignation of Benedict XVI still need to be clarified, but one of the members of the deep church, the deceased Cardinal Danneels, a Jesuit like Bergoglio, admitted that he was a part of the so-called St. Gallen Mafia, which essentially worked to bring about the “springtime of the Church” which John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, wrote about in his emails published by Wikileaks.”

The archbishop said these are not fringe elements, nor are they without the power to force Francis out.

“There is a group of conspirators who have worked and still work in the heart of the Church for the interests of the elite,” he said.

“Most of them are identifiable, but the most dangerous are those who do not expose themselves, those whom the newspaper never mentions,” he said. “They will not hesitate to force Bergoglio to resign also, just like Ratzinger, if he does not obey their orders.”

Pope Francis is not his own man, he said.

“They would like to transform the Vatican into a retirement home for popes emeriti, demolishing the papacy and securing power: exactly the same as what happens in the deep state, where, as I have already said, Biden is the equivalent of Bergoglio.”

Viganò told Bannon there are three essential things the faithful need to do to bring down both the Deep State and the Deep Church.

  • Become aware of the globalist’s plan for a kingdom of the Antichrist;
  • Firmly denounce the plan and demand the ‘Shepherds of the Church’ and laity break their silence and defend the Church—because God will hold them accountable;
  • Pray, asking the Lord for strength to resist, resistite fortes in fide, against the tyranny of the media, Pope Francis and the cardinals and bishops under the pope’s thumb.

“If we can prove ourselves strong in facing this trial; if we know how to hold ourselves anchored to the rock of the Church without allowing ourselves to be seduced by false christs and false prophets, the Lord will permit us to see – at least for now – the defeat of the assault of the children of darkness against God and men,” the archbishop said.

– – –

Neil W. McCabe is a Washington-based national political reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. In addition to the Star Newspaper, he has covered the White House, Capitol Hill and national politics for One America News, Breitbart, Human Events and Townhall. Before coming to Washington, he was a staff reporter for Boston’s Catholic paper, The Pilot, and the editor of two Boston-area community papers, The Somerville News and The Alewife. McCabe is a public affairs NCO in the Army Reserve and he deployed for 15 months to Iraq as a combat historian.
Photo “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò” by EWTN

Editor’s note: In the validated transcript of his interview with Stephen K. Bannon, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò capitalizes sacred words in the practice of the Catholic Church. Although it is not standard in American English, the capitalization was preserved to accurately reflect the archbishop’s intent.





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