Voter Integrity Project to Release Absentee Ballot Investigation Results by Friday


The Voter Integrity Project intends to release its complete investigation results in the coming days, including a report on mass amounts of dead voters.

Voter Integrity Project is the brainchild of Look Ahead America Executive Director and former Trump for President Data Chief and Strategist Matt Braynard. He started the project to discover if there was evidence that would lead to legal remedy or reforms for this election, mainly through affidavits and death certificates.

Braynard’s team targeted six swing states, using each state’s records on early voting and affidavit requests. Team members relied on additional voter information such as date of birth, phone numbers, National Change of Address (NCOA) database, and Social Security Death Index/Master Death File.

The project would contact individuals on each list to ask those that did or didn’t return their ballots if they’d requested and returned a ballot. Any individual that stated they didn’t request or return a ballot would be reported to the project’s affidavit team.

If the contact team reached an NCOA individual who reported that they hadn’t requested or returned an absentee ballot, then that individual would be referred to the affidavit team. The same was true for those who voted rarely or infrequently and hadn’t requested or returned an absentee ballot.

Any out-of-state NCOA individuals without contact information would be referred to the legal or research teams for further investigation. If an individual on the state voter list was deceased, the project would refer that data to the research team to investigate further.

In an interview with The Georgia Star on Wednesday, Braynard explained that the data-gathering phase was just about completed.

“We’re getting close to the end. There’s two components: there’s a lot of raw data analysis, and the other part is the call centers,” he said. “The call centers wrapped up last night, and we might be in the field on one more night with one more program. And then, you know, I’ve been basically burning the midnight oil trying to get the analyses done.”

Braynard shared that their research revealed pervasive disorganization within most of the voter data systems. He stated that some of the lists’ sloppiness hindered their research efforts.

“I think one thing that the analysis has revealed – apart from questioning about illegally cast ballots – is that the election casting systems in many of these targeted swing states have problems that make it difficult to assess the data,” he said.

As the project gathered information, Braynard would tweet updates on their findings. He told The Star that some of their programs turned out to be “fruitful.”

In Braynard’s latest update on Georgia, nearly 150 respondents reported not requesting the absentee ballot they received. Of those respondents who did request one, nearly 260 reported that the state didn’t receive or count their ballots.

Monday, Braynard shared that his team discovered nearly 33 percent of 1706 Pennsylvanians never requested the absentee ballots that the state sent them. Additionally, about 40 percent of the 1137 Pennsylvanians who did request absentee ballots stated that the state didn’t receive or count their returned ballots. All respondents were registered Republicans.

The project raised over $645,000 by Wednesday afternoon – more than enough to cover their expenses, they said.

The project plans to release their completed findings to the public on either Thursday evening or Friday at the latest. They will also provide a subsequent analysis of Georgia’s Election Day voting.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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