Dr. Carol Swain Joins Fox and Friends Weekend to Weigh in on Biden’s Crime Bill of 1994 and Minnesota School of Social Work’s Shaming of White Kids


Dr. Carol M. Swain appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends Weekend Edition with host Pete Hegseth this past Saturday to discuss Joe Biden’s attempt to explain away his Biden Crime Bill in 1994. Swain also weighed in on the University of Minnesota’s new social work racial training disparaging White children.

Hegseth: Joe Biden admitting during the ABC town hall that his support for the 1994 crime bill was a ‘mistake.’

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Was it a mistake to support it? Yes, it was but here’s where the mistake came in terms of what the states did locally. What we did federally we said it was you, remember George? It was all about the same time for the same crime.

Hegseth: Our next guest calls his acknowledgment meaningless. Here to explain black voices for Trump advisory board member Dr. Carol Swain. Doctor, always love having you. Thanks for being here. He didn’t just vote for this bill in 1994, he was one of the leaders of it yet he’s saying it wasn’t me. But you
know just a mistake.

Swain: Right. He helped craft that bill. He worked alongside segregationists to write the bill. And it’s part of his long history on race which has been far
worse than anything that President Trump has been accused of doing when it comes to race. Joe Biden is responsible for the disparity in how crack cocaine and powdered cocaine was treated. And as well as the sentencing guidelines that made it difficult for judges to adjust sentences or for people to get parole.

Hegseth: Help me out here because his answer was confusing because he basically said well it was the states messed it up. Well, the Biden campaign tried to clarify what Joe Biden was saying because none of us could make sense of it. And this is what they said they said. They said VP Biden was talking about the ’86 Crime Bill. That’s the one that included mandatory minimums for drug offenses. In fact, the 1994 crime bill did not which was what VP and George were discussing. So ’86 or ’94 he’s still a Senator and still pushing it. What are they trying to explain away here?

Swain: Well first of all that joe Biden has called the 1994 crime bill the Biden Bill. so he’s responsible for that bill. And as part of that bill people that were convicted of crimes had to serve 85 percent of their sentence. And so it did make it more difficult for people to be paroled and it also pushed the buildings of more and more prisons.

And so when you build prisons you have to fill them up. they were filled up for the most part with racial and ethnic minorities. Of Black men and women. and these are the people that the democrats are saying, trust me, trust me. And President Trump’s first step act passed in 2018, that was the correction. So Joe Biden is a bit late. He’s always late. And he can’t excuse away or explain away his involvement. It’s the Biden Crime Bill.

Hegseth: Yeah it’s his record. Absolutely.

Swain: Right.

Hegseth: Doctor, I have to ask you about this second story. You know about what happens in academia when it comes to the proliferation of bad ideas often.
The University of Minnesota has now started a 12-step program on recovering from whiteness. It’s in the Minnesota school of social work. There are 12 steps. Here are four of them.

And we’ve got to get your take on this. We picked just four not to go through all 12. acknowledge how White supremacist teachings are integrated into our minds. Step five, confess mistakes and failing. Step six, deconstruct previous ways of knowing. So White kids or any background goes into this class and they’re told how bad they and the entire system is. That’s the course.

Swain: Well, first of all, the critical race theorists and that’s critical theory it argues that if you’re born with White skin you’re a White supremacist and you need to divest yourself for your Whiteness. And so now they’re treating your skin color as a disease. As a disease. And it is disturbing. And I think it’s probably a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment and the discrimination that’s taken place now under this social justice.

I believe that people need to push back against it regardless of your race. Whether you’re White, Black, Asian, whatever. This is not good. This is un-American. We have to stand up to it. It’s not acceptable to shame young White kids. If it’s wrong to do to Black youth it’s also wrong to do the White youth and White adults. And for people that are going along with it, you’re wrong. You need to stand up to it.

Hegseth: Yeah as my friend Will Kane has pointed out oftentimes we’ve stopped treating people as individuals and now we want to lump them back into groups for things that they can’t affect and go backward as a result. Dr. Carol Swain, thank you so much for your insight on this we appreciate it.

Swain: Thank you.

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