Conservative Clergy of Color Offers Corporate Training Program As Alternative to Racist Narrative Pushed by Black Lives Matter


The Conservative Clergy of Color wants businesses to know they have an alternative to the racist rhetoric being thrown around for diversity training.

The organization this week announced the “Getting to All Lives Matter,” a fact-based, six-step training program that operates on the assumption all Americans want to build a better society. This is an alternative to the rhetoric pushed by Black Lives Matter, which attempts to scare businesses, they said.

The program’s six steps are:

  • Why The All Lives Matter Approach Means Stronger Teams
  • How We Get Race Wrong
  • How Responsible Is The Media? 
  • Fact-Based Talk on Equity And Opportunity
  • What’s Working, What Didn’t, and What Should Be Tried
  • Focused Minds and Open Hearts

Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of the Conservative Clergy of Color, spoke to Star News Digital Media. He said the organization already had been contacting corporations, some of which have shown interest. They are now conducting a media “blitz” to spread the word that there is an alternative to looting.

“We want to present this from a historical Judeo-Christian perspective,” Shines said. “We see this as something that will cool down the divisiveness we are seeing across the nation.”

Depending on their availability, the clergy will work with a company’s HR department or designated manager. They have specific data and a curriculum.

Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact the Conservative Clergy of Color through their website here, Shines said. The organization also plans to announce a new phone number later today, he said.

“We are an alternative voice to the rhetoric and the … looting and burning and alleged idea of the 1619 Project and systemic racism,” Shines said. “It’s silly. It has no historical basis to it. These are revisionists who are trying to sow the seeds of discord. We’re not going for it. We are American. Period.”

Conservative Clergy of Color’s website says the organization is an “educational nonprofit that seeks to set the record straight on the truths that guide our country. Its goal is to build, not to destroy.”

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Bishop Aubrey Shines” by Conservative Clergy of Color. 






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