DEPLORABLES 101: Steve Bannon Warns of the Democrats Transition Integrity Project to Steal the Election from Trump


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Former Senior Advisor to President Trump Steven K. Bannon.

During the show, Bannon revealed the Democrats playbook called the Transition Integrity Project which outlines four scenarios of how to steal the 2020 Presidential election from Trump. He added that is was very important for Republicans to get out and volunteer at the polls and to certify ballot counting in their local areas.

Fredericks: Joining us now, Steven K. Bannon. Former Senior Advisor to the president, and he’s now host to the amazingly-popular show War Room Pandemic. War Room 2020, which airs 10 to noon here on The John Fredericks Network Monday to Saturday. America Voice News, The Dish, and Newsmax among many many other news stations.

Bannon: Hey, thanks for having me on, John, on the traditional kick-off the day after Labor Day and run-up to presidential elections.

Fredericks: Eight weeks to go, Steve. I heard your show. I think it was on a Friday. And I was fascinated with it where you were breaking down what you might want to call the Transition Integrity Project, or the effort by Democrats to steal this election by not naming a winner, you are really out front in this. When the stuff first bubbled up it looked like conspiracy-type stuff. But the way you guys broke it down, this thing is real. I was hoping you share with our audience Steve the entire scenario that some Democrats are planning.

Bannon: It’s not some Democrats, it’s basically all the apparatus that opposes President Trump. This is a more sophisticated version of the nullification project, which was around in 2016 from the very moment he won. This couldn’t be any more serious. Look, people that listen to me on TV and see my news hits, that have seen my speeches that are watching War Room Pandemic and War Room Impeachment. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

But I also don’t believe in coincidences. This thing is tied to when Hillary Clinton said, under no circumstances should Joe Biden concede. This talks about all their efforts to try to de-legitimize President Trump right now. So this is an effort where they’re petrified because I think they overplayed their hand somewhat on this pandemic, that they are not going to get people to the polls on voting day on November 3.

They are absolutely completely freaked out that President Trump on Election Day is going to a potential landslide victory by midnight that night. And they are going to make every effort in this recount to try to de-certify votes etc. to make sure that they win in the count of the mail-in votes. And they’ve actually laid it out, and this is not something they are hiding.

This Transition Integrity Project, look at the word transition. They already assume that Biden is going to win. They’ve laid out four scenarios. It’s up on our website, you can get it on National Pulse or The Revolver, which is the new anti-Drudge site. He’s doing an excellent job of breaking this down. They’ve put out a 22-page report. Everybody in your audience should read that report. And particularly read Raheem Kassams’s annotated version of it. They talk about the lawfare aspect of this.

They talk about the media information warfare part and the street violence. They actually say that the deciding factor will be street fighting. This is in the document, and this is by prominent Democrats, election officials, former cabinet officers, John Podesta. John Podesta ran it. They had prominent Republicans on it, Bill Steele and part of the never-Trump crowd. They had four scenarios.

One that Biden wins by a landslide on election day. So he wins. They had one Biden close on election day. They had ambiguous like 2000. Then they have Trump wins barely on election day. In all those scenarios in 20 days Biden wins. Then they came out with Hawk Fish. Now Hawk Fish is one of the most sophisticated data mining operations around. It’s owned by Michael Bloomberg. And obviously Bloomberg is one of the most sophisticated financial and capital markets servicing companies around.

Hawk Fish does this for politics. Hawk Fish came on and ran its own set of metrics, came on the Axios HBO show I think two Sundays ago, and laid out a fifth scenario. And this fifth scenario is where at 11 o’clock at night on November 3 Donald Trump is up 424 electoral votes, and he’s leading in those states. And by Thanksgiving Joe Biden has won as president.

We are now pulling literally dozens and dozens of articles around the country about voting certification, counting the vote etc. Putting it up on the site and the show today. Everything we are doing from here on end is really about get out the vote and about this process of which they intend to really have a coup and keep President Trump from taking the oath of office for a second term.

This is absolutely serious. This is one of the primary reasons I didn’t join the campaign. This is something you can’t do at the campaign. The campaign has got its own things. We are organizing and we are organizing every day 24/7 and have been for weeks this effort to make sure that there is no chance that the election is stolen from President Trump. And the left has their Media Matters and MediaIte and saying this is wingnut stuff.

And it’s all been published in Nation Magazine and the Washington Post in this Transition Integrity Project. And they put it out there to start to socialize this. I think conservative media is starting to pick up on it. We were all over it last week. The Revolver site if you haven’t gone there it’s like The Virginia Star where you get these great new emerging websites with news and information that your audience should go to.

We are going to be all over today and seven days a week. In fact, we may take the show to seven days a week here in the next couple of weeks because this is important. The first thing people should do is that you need to volunteer. This is no longer an exercise. I think its called Defend Your Ballot.

If you click on there it goes to the army of Trump or campaign or some group that is organizing volunteers. You need to volunteer and get out the vote now. That means phone banks and getting out there with the CCP virus out there a lot can be done digitally. So you need to be engaged now in helping get out the vote.

Fredericks: Steve, you got these five scenarios laid out. And this is one thing we both always agree on. Neither of us ever do or get involved in conspiracy theories or politics. We’ve never done that. This is why I’m taking this seriously now because this stuff is real. I’m going to go through the top five scenarios. Tell me what happens. OK, scenario one. Biden wins in a landslide.

Bannon: Biden is President. Biden wins in a landslide on Election Day and he’s president. Their scenario is Biden wins, and if he wins Election Day in a landslide, the mail-in vote will principally be Democratic so he will win. So that’s their easiest path.

Fredericks: Election Night, Biden close, what happens?

Bannon: What happens is they go in and start fighting and try to de-certify every ballot out there because (Inaudible talk) they think it’s going to be like the 2000 campaign recount to the 10th power. So it will be crazy.

Fredericks: Define ambiguous. When they say scenario three is ambiguous. It’s midnight and election night.

Bannon: Ambiguous is 2000, where we had some districts and counties. It’s an ambiguous situation that’s too close to call for either party. Too close for Biden and too close for Trump. And in that regard on the counting of the mail-in vote, they win.

Fredericks: And when you say mail-in ballots, these are typically, except for the states that are doing the universal mail out like New Jersey, California, and a couple of others, none of the swing states do that. So these are just traditional absentee ballots right, Steve?

Bannon: It’s traditional except in the fact that up to 40% of the people could vote by mail-in ballot now. Yeah. That’s a huge difference. You get what under 5% and up to 40%. That shows you that we don’t have the apparatus set up to actually do this in a systematic path. Last week on Friday they started not talking about Election Day but talking about election week.

They are even saying that this thing won’t even be called in any scenario within a week. Inside these rooms, for the counts, you are going to have to have people in there certifying those ballots. You are going to need strong Republicans. You are going to need people that are fighters. And we traditionally haven’t had those types of volunteers. That’s why you have to sign up also as a poll watcher.

More importantly, this is one of the things we are pushing, because all the election lawyers have told us that you have to sign up to be an election official in your district today, you’ve got to go to the board of supervisors for voting. And you’ve got to sign up or go online. Sometimes you are even paid, but most of it is volunteers.

But it’s not just to be a poll watcher, but its to actually to be in the room being an election official. And every citizen can do that. And that’s what we need people to sign up for now. This has got to be a volunteer effort. We need 50,000 to 100,000 people to do this. On Friday some corporate coalition, another progressive organization, said that they are going to deliver 350,000 of their employees on a volunteer basis.

And I guarantee you that it will break 80/20 between progressives and conservatives. So this is for your audience. This is this Deplorables 101. This is going to be a voluntary outcome. You are going to have lawyers and media surrogates and all of that. The people have to go to the report.

In this report, there is another guy I think his name is Niles Gilman, who gives an interview with NPR and then a Boston radio station. He said that the two most important people in this process will be (Mark) Zuckerberg and Rupert Murdoch. And he basically says that if Murdoch is convinced not to defend Trump and not to defend Trump during the recount and flips the switch, then its game over. Same with Zuckerberg and Facebook.

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