Commentary: Biden Is Speaking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

by Terry Bowman


Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to think he can coast to victory by posing as a moderate while adopting the most extreme policy platform of any major-party candidate in American history. The thing is, the American people just aren’t that stupid — we know a huckster when we see one.

Anxious to boost the dismally-low enthusiasm for his candidacy among his party’s base — one member of which recently compared voting for Biden to eating “half a bowl of s—” — Biden has taken the unprecedented step of shifting his agenda significantly to the left since locking up the nomination, rather than moving toward the political center. After appointing far-left firebrands such as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and radical Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to spearhead his policy agenda, Biden unveiled a so-called “unity platform” that directly copied numerous proposals championed by democratic-socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders gushed that Biden’s radical new agenda would make him the most progressive president since FDR, echoing former President Barack Obama. Those two wily politicians seem to agree with the assessment of Marxist and former Black Panther Angela Davis, who named Biden as the “candidate who can be most effectively pressured.”

It doesn’t take a Beltway insider to see that, of course — ordinary voters are increasingly aware that Biden is handing the reins over to the very people that moderate Democrats were trying to keep on the sidelines. In a recent focus group conducted in Michigan, for instance, swing voters described Biden’ as a “puppet” who is “not capable of being President.”

Biden’s relatively low profile in recent months seems to have fueled this perception, showing voters a stark contrast between the candidate’s noticeable lethargy and the frenetic ambition of the ideologues who are shaping his agenda. Some of those in the study also remarked that he seems to be “showing signs of dementia,” and even those who said they intend to vote for Biden in November made it clear that they are not the least bit excited by the prospect.

There is, in fact, an enormous enthusiasm gap between those who intend to vote for Biden and those who intend to vote for President Trump. Even after Biden offered up more red meat for his base, including a slew of new climate regulations projected to cost $2 trillion, only 31 percent of his supporters said they are excited to vote for him, while 72 percent described themselves as feeling “anxious” about the upcoming election.

Many of those anxious and apathetic Biden supporters are undoubtedly the moderate Democrat voters who saw the former vice president as a savior during the primaries, and are now watching with increasing alarm as he lets himself be dominated by the very radicals he was campaigning against a few months ago. It was a classic bait and switch.

Biden and his team may think they’ve gotten away with pulling a fast one on the American people, but we hear what he says, no matter which side of his mouth the words come out.

– – –

Terry Bowman is a 24-year Ford/UAW worker, the Co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, and the Chairman of the Workers for Trump National Advisory Board. 




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