Commentary: Your Family Won’t Be Safe in Joe Biden’s America

by Sheriff Mike Murphy


America stands at a great crossroads, resting between two divulging paths in its journey. One of these pathways leads toward lawlessness, the path’s air filled with the smell of fire and sight of ash –  the guaranteed end of this path is the destruction of not only America’s heritage, but also her prosperous future. There is a second path, a road which has always guided America: the pathway of law and order.

Joe Biden would lead our great nation down the path of destruction. Biden refuses to disavow far-left mobs who have burned our nation’s cities, destroying the neighborhoods of some the poorest among us, torn down statues of American heroes, men who answered their nation’s call and defended her against those who sought her destruction, and those who have set ablaze the businesses of thousands of hard working Americans.

We have seen this horrific violence play out across our nation first hand, most recently in the past days and weeks in Portland, Oregon. While the President has continually condemned these violent acts and sent federal resources to quell the violence, Joe Biden refuses to condemn the widespread and rampant destruction in Portland.

If Biden’s refusal to disavow criminal activities wasn’t enough, Biden chose to go even further, offering his support for policies which would defund our nation’s law enforcement agencies, stripping them of critical resources, and abandoning Americans of all walks to the hands of merciless mobs and criminals.

Such policies will only bring about widespread suffering, injury, and harm to millions of Americans.

If the radical left in Michigan has its way with our law enforcement agencies and institutes a 17% cut in funding for Michigan’s law enforcement by following the footsteps of New York City, it will be Michiganders who will bear the real world consequences. Across our proud state we will see the loss of thousands of officers, an average increase of over 7,600 violent crimes, and the wait time for first responders extended. These are the disastrous consequences that diligent, honest, and proud Michiganders cannot afford and do not deserve.

In contrast, President Trump offers a path ensuring the preservation of America and the rule of law and order; refusing to give into the demands of violent far-left mobs and career criminals. President Trump is determined to ensure America’s commitment as a nation to law and order. Criminals and vandals will never run rampant nor be free to commit criminal acts at will against innocent Americans under the leadership of President Trump.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to pander to and support the radical left and members of the socialist squad in their quest to defund the police, and has gone as far as stating the police have “become the enemy.” Unlike Biden who insults our brave law enforcement officers, President Trump knows that “without police, there is chaos. Without law, there is anarchy. Without safety, there is catastrophe.”

President Trump indeed does not stop short at only words, in June he signed an executive order ensuring our police receive priority training and funding, helping strengthen community bonds between Americans and the police officers who serve them.

The pathway ahead is clear: This November America must choose to remain a nation governed by law and order and reject the calls by Joe Biden and the Democrats to defund the police. President Trump is the only candidate who consistently remains steadfast toward preserving the American spirit of law and order, and we must re-elect him in November to preserve our republic.

– – –

Mike Murphy is the Sheriff of Livingston County, Michigan.
Photo “Sheriff Mike Murphy” by Sheriff Mike Murphy.




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