‘Constant’ Orgies, ‘Beautiful, Tall’ European Models: Accuser Describes Epstein’s Pedophile Island in Unsealed Docs

by Mary Margaret Olohan


Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his cohort and ex-over Ghislaine Maxwell hosted “constant” orgies on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, accuser Virginia Giuffre says in newly released court documents.

The documents are transcripts of depositions from Giuffre’s previously settled 2016 civil lawsuit against Maxwell, whom Giuffre says sexually abused her along with Epstein, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and the U.K.’s Prince Andrew. The documents were made public for the first time Thursday evening, according to the New York Post.

The accuser testified that Maxwell engaged in “continuous” sex with both girls and women in front of Giuffre, incidents which took place “100 percent” of the time in the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to Giuffre.

Some of these girls were as young as 15, Giuffre said, according to the New York Post. Sex with a person who has not reached the age of consent is classified as statutory rape, regardless of whether the person consented.

“The island was a place where orgies were a constant thing that took place. And again, it’s impossible to know how many,” Giuffre said.

“There’s just a blur of so many girls,” the accuser told Maxwell’s attorneys when they asked her to name those with whom she saw Maxwell have sex, the Post reported.

“There were blondes, there were brunettes, there were redheads,” she said. “They were all beautiful girls. I would say the ages ranged between 15 and 21.”

Giuffre described seeing Maxwell having sex with women all over Little St. James, such as in Epstein’s cabana, in small huts, near the beach, and by a pool, according to the Post.  She also detailed an incident wherein a group of foreign models were allegedly flown in and orgies were held by the pool.

“One occasion stands out,” she said. “Models were — I think they were models — were flown in. There were orgies held outside by the pool.”

The models were “beautiful, tall, some were blonde, some were sandy brown,” she said, and they spoke in a foreign language she believes was Russian or Czechoslovakian, the Post reported.

“Ghislaine, myself, Jeffrey, another girl in this blue, outdoor — I don’t know what you want to call it. Cabana, that … just a bed could fit in,” she added.

The accuser also said that she traveled to Europe with Maxwell and Epstein on a number of occasions, the Post reported. During these trips, she says she was trafficked to high profile men such as Prince Andrew and Dershowitz.

She testified that Maxwell and Epstein would tell her that she should not cross them, reminding her of their powerful connections: “Jeffrey did a lot more of that than she did,” she said. “But she definitely made it aware that we shouldn’t cross boundaries with them.”

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Mary Margaret Olohan is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Jeffrey Epstein Private Island” by Navin75. CC BY-SA 2.0.






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