Michigan Dems in Debt Ahead of 2020, But Raised More Than Republicans


The Michigan Republican Party claims to have a “massive 40 to 1 cash advantage” over the state’s Democratic Party, which has more than $100,000 in debt.

New campaign finance disclosures show the Republican Party has $502,785 in cash on hand and no debt, while the Michigan Democratic Party has just $12,690 in cash on hand plus $126,720 in debt.

The Republican Party claimed their Democratic opponents are “deep in debt and burning money faster than it is being raised” in a recent press release.

“This surplus of funds has been put to good use as the Michigan GOP has built one of the largest field staffs in the history of the 165-year-old organization. Meanwhile, the Michigan Democratic Party’s financial disadvantage is sure to hurt the party’s organizational efforts in a state which President Trump carried in 2016,” the Republican Party suggested.

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox said in a statement that she’s “extremely proud of the position” that her party is in “one year out from the pivotal 2020 elections.”

“Michigan voters will likely decide who wins the presidency next year,” she added. “With our massive advantage in both fundraising and staffing, I’m confident Michigan Republicans will reelect President Trump, flip a U.S. Senate Seat and ensure we hold our majority in the State House next year.”

The Democrats, however, pointed to the fact that they raised more money than the Republicans between January and October of this year. The Democratic Party brought in $2.4 million while Republicans raised $1.7 million.

Michigan Democratic Party Executive Director Christy Jenson characterized the party’s debt as an “investment” in the 2020 elections.

“While Republicans are stockpiling the chump change of millionaires and billionaires, the Michigan Democratic Party is busy building a grassroots army that is putting boots on the ground and knuckles on the doors to turn Michigan blue up and down the ticket, in every corner of the state,” she told Mlive. “We’re hitting our targets and we’re raising the money we need to hold Donald Trump and his failed cronies accountable for their broken promises.”

Overall, President Trump has raised more than any of his Democratic challengers, none of whom have half as much cash on hand as the president.

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