Judge Mathis Claims Gov. Whitmer Broke Her Promise to Flint Residents


Judge Greg Mathis, a former Michigan district court judge turned reality-TV star, called out Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for failing to uphold her promises to the people of Flint.

In an interview with NBC 25, Mathis claimed that Whitmer has failed to provide bottled water to Flint residents like she promised on the campaign trail.

“I’m not afraid because I don’t have a government grant. The governor can’t fire me from my job and so I’ll just be very clear. The governor announced her campaign in Detroit at the Mathis Community Center and we received a pledge that she would restore, the state would restore bottled water that Gov. Snyder cut off toward the end of his term,” Mathis said. “She said she would restore it until after all of the pipes have been completed, and she has broken her word thus far. It’s been 10 months since she’s been in office and the bottled water has not been replaced.”

He said community leaders, including Mayor Karen Weaver, are afraid to speak out because they could lose funding from the state.

“The community leaders are concerned but they’re scared to speak out. Many of them are somehow attached,” Mathis claimed. “But I’m unafraid and I’m waiting to hear from the governor, and I want her to explain to these children why they are unable to drink the bottled water that she promised they would receive.”

Tiffany Brown, a spokesperson for Gov. Whitmer, told NBC 25 that Mathis’ claims aren’t accurate.

“As you know, donations continue to be made to the city,” said Brown. “Further, the Governor has also urged Nestle to continue to provide bottled water to residents—which they have committed to do until the pipes have been replaced.”

Mathis claimed on Twitter last week that Flint schools are no longer getting bottled water from the state and asked his followers to ship donations to a community center in Flint.

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