Justin Amash Describes White House Transcript as ‘Highly Incriminating’



Michigan Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI-03) called the White House’s transcript between President Donald Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky “highly incriminating” Wednesday.

“Yesterday, I had expected the WH to release an unremarkable transcript to distract from the main issues: the whistleblower complaint and other abuses. Today, it released a highly incriminating transcript, and it seems POTUS doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong,” Amash tweeted.

The Independent representative cited his reasons on Twitter referring to certain points in the transcript.

The White House released this transcript Wednesday after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi officially announced an impeachment inquiry into whether Trump withheld foreign aid so the Ukrainians would investigate Joe Biden.

Amash joins NeverTrumpers like columnist Max Boot and presidential hopeful Joe Walsh who have also been critical of Trump’s conversation with Zelensky.

The Michigan representative was the first and only conservative member of Congress to call for Trump’s impeachment probe. After the Mueller Report became public, Amash said the president “engage in impeachable conduct.”

In a July 4th Washington Post op-ed, Amash announced his intention to leave the Republican party.

“Today, I am declaring my independence and leaving the Republican Party,” Amash wrote. “No matter your circumstance, I’m asking you to join me in rejecting the partisan loyalties and rhetoric that divide and dehumanize us. I’m asking you to believe that we can do better than this two-party system – and to work toward it. If we continue to take America for granted, we will lose it.”

Now, 217 members of the House have publicly stated that they support impeachment. This means they are one vote away from impeaching the President.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham urged the House to take a vote so Americans can know where they stand.

“Those who believe that the transcript is a “Smoking Gun” for impeachment, do something about it – have the courage of your convictions,” he tweeted. “The House of Reps should take a vote to formally open an impeachment inquiry. Let the American people see where Members of Congress stand!”

A new Quinnipiac Poll shows that almost 60 percent of Americans don’t believe Trump should be impeached.

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