Michigan Republicans Continue to Handle 2020 Campaign Funds Better Than Michigan Democrats


The Michigan Republican Party (MRP) has managed 2020 presidential election campaign funding better than Michigan’s Democratic Party (MDP).

In an article by Michigan Live, the news outlet details how the Michigan GOP has been able to keep more cash-on-hand than its counterparts. As of July 31, the MRP had $386,483 cash available compared to $23,917 for Democrats. Furthermore, the MDP is $149,169 in debt while the Republican Party in Michigan is debt-free.

“We’re investing in the ground game early and we believe that we will have the largest presidential field operation that Michigan has ever seen,” Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox told MLive. “It’s early and I feel really good that we’re in a strong position. Our number one goal is to make sure we have the tools and ability to get Republicans elected up and down the ballot.”

Cox also added that the money raised goes towards “party-building activities, building up staff, making voter contacts, collecting public opinion data and generally assisting state and federal candidates.”

As The Michigan Star previously reported, the GOP has set up strong ties in the Great Lakes state in preparation for the next election.

“Here in Michigan, we have already held over 75 TVLI trainings this cycle and have trained over 1,400 volunteers and activists who now have the tools necessary to aggressively recruit their neighbors and turn them into supporters, build out their own field teams, and turnout targeted voters to win up-and-down the ballot in 2020,” the GOP memo said.

Trying to gain traction in a key battleground state, Democrats are organizing “earlier than ever” trying to beat President Donald Trump in the next presidential election.

However, Trump has a substantial margin in fundraising money compared to Democratic candidates. To illustrate from January 1 to June 30, Trump gathered $124 million in donations, which is more than the top three Democratic presidential candidates have received.

President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by less than 0.3 percent in Michigan in the 2016 election: 47.5 to 47.27.

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